Men Needs To Be Aware Of Three Female Emotions Connected To Sex

Sex for females is entirely psychological because they are emotional creatures. They like to read romantic novels and build castles in the air, whereas males like watching porn and fantasize. Men visualize and perform the sexual activity, but women require foreplay.

Women are more sexual than men, but they need mental foreplay before hitting the bed. Everyone desires to be fully charged and simultaneously have a partner equally aroused in the bed to encounter satisfying sex. It is the emotional feeling that intensifies the sexual ecstasy.

Mind rules sex

Women with high emotions experience more orgasm and have a better sexual life in comparison to those, who suffer from orgasmic disorder. If a woman is emotionally satisfied only then she will be happy. The sex begins in the mind before reaching the body. Therefore, before physical sex you actually have to prepare her mentally with lots of love, trust, and commitment. A woman begins her relationship to get love, assurance, and companionship from him.

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Here are some emotions that can do wonders in the sexual arena, if handled properly.

Love bonding – Sex without love is infatuation and love without sex is true, pure, and spiritual. However, sex feels great, comfortable, hot, and wild with someone you love passionately. Bear in mind that your brain rules your sexual activity.

Couples in a relationship for some time have reported to display increased brain activity by just looking at their partner's picture. The reason is that oxytocin is released when these couples have a libido. They also kiss, touch, and massage one another that accelerate the intimacy between them. It produces trust that overcomes social fear.

Trust – At the beginning of a relationship, if you truly adore your partner then you will give him space. Trust takes time to build up. Without trust couples split in crises, doubt each other, or fail in getting closer. After all, trust is a glue that holds them together even during great challenges.

You must be wondering how several couples perform BDSM stuff in their bedroom. It is a natural way of spicing up their sexual life. It is all based on the trust a woman has for her man. Faith allows you to expose your true self. Knowing that you love the way you are will relax you and you will not have any fear of getting rejected.

Acceptance – Be an ideal lover and make certain that you make an eye contact, while whispering dirty words and touching her in the most sensuous areas. Make her feel sexy even if she is overjoyed or anxious. When she is overjoyed, she talks a lot therefore listen to her. Connect with her, laugh and flow in this emotion. Let the passion build and proceed for an intimate session. When she is anxious about her dressing be supportive and comfort her verbally and through body contact. Flatter her, this will bring her closer, and sex will flow naturally.

To be the best lover for her read her sentiments and react spontaneously during the sexual activity.

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