Pros And Cons Of Shaving And Trimming Male Pubes

Pubic hair is coarser hair located in the front genital region of adult and teenagers. It surrounds the crotch and genitals. Sometimes, it grows on thighs or around the pubic bone. Having hairless pubic region is gaining popularity among both males and females. Today, they are seeking a clean and sexy look. This trend is initiated by popular film stars, porn stars, and models. It is quite exciting, as you can appear more attractive to your sex partner.

Trimming or shaving your private area is scary. Wielding a sharp razor near your penis makes you feel nervous. Then why do you desire to get rid of your pubic hair. Perhaps the most vital reason for many males is that shaving can make erection look absolutely huge. If your shaft is partially covered with pubic hair visual erection appears shorter. Trimming or shaving reveals the hidden part making your penis appear half an inch long.

Other benefits of having pubic area shaved

  1. It enhances your hygiene. With the entire region cleaner, it will smell better and inviting too.
  2. Removing hair can add a fresh approach to grooming. Thus, it adds interest and spice up things in long term relationships.
  3. Shaft and scrotum will look cleaner and healthier. Additionally, you can easily and regularly check your testicles. Your woman can be certain that she is protected against unusual bugs and skin eruptions.
  4. Your girl can help you with shaving, which makes the process more erotic with teasing razor strokes (Be cautious)
  5. The clean-shaven pubic region will be visible directly and a smooth scrotum pleads to be touched.

Options for hair removal are many with their pros and cons. Let's get acquainted with the shaving and trimming possibilities in details.


The basic and sensible way is to cut away the shag that hides your junk. You can use scissors or electrical trimmers. Making use of scissors requires skilled hands. To wield around the sensitive region is dangerous and the end result can turn out to be the uneven messy look, which defeats the purpose. Be smart and use electric trimmer.


1. Buying trimmer is an affordable option

2. Trimmer provides uniformly sized pubic hair

3. Maintenance of trimmer is easy

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  1. Clean up is a mess because edging can be done only if the hair is dry
  2. Frequent trimming has to be done – every two weeks


Using a razor is the familiar grooming techniques among boys. It can be done discretely in the bathroom with the tools that are already present in your medicine cabinet.


  1. It is simple and does not take long
  2. The skin around the penis and scrotum becomes smooth and appealing
  3. It is done in the bathroom, so less cleaning is involved.


  1. Rashes, razor burns, and ingrown hair.
  2. Continuous upkeep – every 2-3 days

Electrolysis and laser are permanent treatment options, but very expensive. Trimming your pubes not only offers dramatic visual impact, but you receive rave reviews from your sexual partner. Get to man-scape down there knowingly and skilfully.

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