You Can Help Her Get Satisfying Climax On Each Intercourse

You love her a lot and cannot live without her. She has made your life so meaningful and sensible and you could do nothing to upset her. You do everything that will surprise her and make her happy always, but sometimes you wonder if you were successful in doing so. There are something's that she is not hesitant to talk about. Of course there are a few things that she isn't comfortable in talking to you about.

You have sex with her so many times, but yet feel there is something that she didn't enjoy at all. Common, she will also love you a lot and will not tell the fact, even if she knows what was missing in your sexual relationship. You both might have heard a lot about orgasms, but wouldn't have been lucky to experience one until now.

Men usually enjoy seeing their partner getting an orgasm, and it makes them proud of themselves. Why wouldn't you be happy, after all it happened because of your efforts? Well, it's good to be concerned about her unspoken needs, but the point here is what you have done to take care of them.

Help her in the Right manner

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She enjoys climax and succeeds in getting sometimes, so don't blame yourself for the same. Guys, get your facts cleared about female orgasm. Men can reach climax may be every time, but this is not the case with her. Think over, did you do enough to arouse her and excite her in bed. Well, think about her sexual needs first before satisfying your desires.

She needs more time and efforts than you men actually do. You cannot expect her to enjoy wild sex today, as you both did yesterday. She had a stressful day at her work place, and the day was too big for her. Of course she is too tired and stressed out. Well, she might love your pampering and oral sex, but she is too exhausted to reach orgasm.

You don't have to worry, as it is quite normal. Even you guys might have undergone such an experience. Don't force or put more pressure for her to finish the line. She might not respond to your stimulation at all. If you love her, then you will surely understand her needs.

Did you talk to her?

Guys, when was the last time you spoke to her about sex. Well, we don't mean the normal chat, where you tell her that you wish to have a good time with her and miss her. Did you make an attempt to understand what her sex desires are and how she wants things to be started and what sex positions she intends to try. Her sex desires changes frequently, so brush it up. You certainly have nothing to lose.

Instead of concluding about yesterday's performance, be a man and ask her what she feels about it. Well it's your responsibility to make her feel comfortable or else she will never enjoy the act. Guys, her participation in the show is equally important or else it will never be a joyful game.

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