Car Sex - How To Make It A Great Experience

Many couples like to be adventurous and practice different kinds of sex positions. You do not have to indulge in sex in the convenience of your bedroom, but you can take sex outside and have it on the kitchen counters, garage and even in the car. Car sex can be difficult especially if you are doing it for the first time. This is where these safety tips might come into handy.

Why Being Adventurous in Relationships is Important?

Relationships can become monotonous at times, so it is necessary to add some life to relationships by spending quality time with your partner. Indulge in a bit of fun and kinky sex if your partner is comfortable with it. Car sex is exciting since there is always a thrill of being caught red handed.

Indulging in a bit of car sex can bring on your spontaneous side and make you feel a bit young and naughty. Bear in mind to wear clothes that can be easily removed and put on since you will be having a quickie in your car and you might not waste time on clothes. You can even be adventurous in the bedroom with the help of sex toys. Ensure to discuss these things with your partner and purchase the necessary items that might be required for your little endeavour.

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Different Types of Car Sex Positions

There a lot of spaces in the car that can be properly utilized for car sex. Women might like the idea of performing oral sex on their partners while they are driving the car. This is extremely mind blowing if you are driving on a deserted street. Bear in mind the safety of your partner. When you feel that he is going to come, stop the car and enjoy the sensation.

Another wonderful place for sex is on the hood or trunk of the car. This is quite spacious and can easily accommodate your partner. You can try out the basic position such as the missionary or doggy style. Begin with a bit of foreplay and then take things up a notch. Convertibles are a wonderful option to have sex beneath the stars. It is like a dream come true for many women. While having sex, you can open the roof of your car and enjoy the night breeze on your body.

Locations for Car Sex

The best and safe options for indulging in car sex are in the back alleys of isolated streets, parking lots or drive in movie theatres. It might sound a bit to cliché, but couples do confess on having the best sex of their lives in such situations.

Make sure to clean your car and install car fresheners to remove any bad odours from the car. No woman will like to have sex in a dirty car. Secondly, always follow traffic rules and practice safe sex. Do not attempt to have sex while the car is moving on the road. This can cause accidents and obviously embarrassment if you are caught in a compromising position.

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