Condoms Are A Women's New Best Friend For Safe Sex

Modern women are never ashamed or embarrassed to purchase erotic sex related items. These days' condoms are some of the common things that are found in most of the woman's handbag.

There are still a group of people who fell that it is a social stigma and don't approve it at all. For them, such women are easy catch. This is so unfair. Why do societies look down upon women who like to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies or STD's, if the men in their lives neglect such issues?

What are Female Condoms

Female condoms otherwise known as a femidom are devices that act as a contraceptive during sexual activities. It works just like a male condom in regard to preventing STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

The female condoms are thin in shape designed in loose fitting sheaths that come with a flexible rich at each end. These are available in medium and large sizes. Large size female condoms are applicable for women who have recently given birth.

The major benefits of such condoms are that these can be used by women who are allergic to latex. In addition to this, these do not require any prescriptions from doctors and the external ring on these condoms can help in enhancing the sexual experience as it helps in stimulating the penis and the clitoris.

Carrying Condoms is a Safe Bet

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There is no particular time to have sex. Women who are adventurous or spontaneous in nature might want to carry condoms all times just to be on the safer side. It is advisable to at least purchase a bunch of them, in case you actually enjoy the experience and want to give it another shot.

Secondly you may never know when you need it. Sometimes, lady luck might not be on your side and you might have used up your only condom. Purchasing another condom might be out of the question especially if you and your partner are in a car that has been parked out in an isolated alley where there are no pharmacies or medical stores nearby.

There is nothing embarrassing about carrying condoms with you. It is all about self respect. If your partner neglects using protection and if you become pregnant or contract a sexual disease, then it will create lots of problem. Instead of suffering for your negligence, it is recommended that you take better care of your needs.

Different Accessories that Can be Used to Store Condoms

Women who are embarrassed of getting caught with condoms in their purses can purchase different accessories that look like normal items that can be found in a woman's purse. Many stores sell trendy and fashionable compact condom cases. These compact cases come with a secret compartment that can be used to store condoms.

You might even be interested in condom cubes that can hold up to twelve condoms. These are easy to use as they come with a magnetic flap for one handed access. Many of the stores even sell fun fabric condom covers that come with trendy and fashionable designer covers.

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