Simplest Yet Effective Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

A little of embarrassment, guilt, and feeling of inadequacy clutter your mind, as soon as you find that you have shed your loads too early. You didn't want that, did you? Yet, you couldn't help it. Soon after the sensations and excitement started building, you just gave up. Look at your girl's face, so unsatisfied, annoyed, and so disappointed.

Now, that doesn't mean you need to allege yourself, and let things go this way only. Although, there is no intention to scare you, did you know that this can create a strain and rift not only in your sex life, but also in your relationship? Besides, most of the break-ups and divorces have always been due to unmet sexual needs of one of the partners. Anyways, you don't have to imagine the painful consequences now, but you simply need to try one of the few effective ways to last longer in bed.

The Edging Technique

What's that? Well, let the name sound technical, but the technique is quite simple. As a matter of fact, most men knowingly or unknowingly actually try to use the edging technique to last longer in bed. However, they might fail because they aren't aware of the right way of doing it.

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The technique is as already said, quite simple. You might be aware of your different levels of sexual stimulation before you ejaculate. Let that be on a scale of 1 to 10, where 7 is the point of too much excitement, and 9 being the point of no return. Now, you need to start this alone, while masturbating. Arouse your genital slowly to take yourself as high as point 7 on the sensation-scale, and then stop the stimulation. After a few minutes of break, you again need to practice the up-stop-and-down pattern. This way you can practice controlling your ejaculations and can have a better hold on your early ejaculations.

Once you are done, with enough of Edging- practice while in the masturbation-mode. You need to step forward and practice the same thing, while having sex with your girl. After enough of foreplay, just start thrusting inside, raising your arousal level till 7 or 8, and then either take it out or stop. Happy Edging!

Masturbating Before Having Sex

This is yet another equally efficient technique to last longer in bed. Ok, so today you think your girl is in the “mood”. Great! You have almost an hour before she comes to your place. Hence, for the time being just remember those days when you were single and the only pleasurable act you can do was to masturbate. You need to do that now, better if you do it in copulation with the Edging technique too. Now, when you will actually be involved in the ‘game', you can hold your “wicket” for long without letting it fall.

The Mind Game

It's quite simple, and can be implemented just while having sex with your girl. While thrusting and trying your moves to please her, you needn't think of the sexual act, rather just think about anything else other than that. You won't shed your loads early.

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