Few Bedroom Mistakes That Come From Your Good Intentions

Neither being unaware of the bedroom-techniques, or due to the lack of love and passion for your girl, there can be few mistakes that you might commit in the bedroom. Ironically, these come from nowhere but from your good intentions of furnishing her with the most ecstatic pleasure she has even had. Indeed, there are few common bedroom mistakes that guys commit out of their only willingness to please their girls the perfect way.

Being Lost In Your Own Ideas And Thoughts

You have well read about the mechanics and techniques of having sex from different sources. Hence, you have several ideas on your mind like the angle and pressure of your hands, the direction and frequency of thrusts, the best ways to execute your favorite techniques, and so on. Hence, when it comes to making love, you just start analyzing all those mechanics and techniques, and plan your every next move.

That can be really an ineffective approach, in-fact a worse thing to do. You needn't be focused so much on planning every next move as per the techniques and ideas you have. Instead, you just need to give it a flow and to be immersed in things that you both are enjoying together. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules to please a woman; you just need to be engaged in all those spontaneous things that come up with you and her together.

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Similarly, at times, guys start thinking about their sexual insecurities, the skills they lack in, and other such things in the bedroom. Of course, they have a good intention of covering those the best way in the bedroom.

However, thinking too much about your insecurities and skills, and trying to deal with those can be the worst thing to do then. It's not the right time and the right place to do so. Let the session be over, and then you can think about these.

Trying To Unleash All The Tips And Techniques You Have In Your Bag

That's yet another common problem of you guys. When you have gone through all the “bedroom-tips” available on internet, you try to execute those. You try to unleash all their power, and come up with the best performance for your girl. Poor soul, you don't have an idea that for the sake of doing good, you have been actually messing it all up.

This way, you will be sending her the “trying-too-hard” vibes, and that can be a real turn-off for any girl. Hence, you needn't be an over-eager man, trying all the techniques in his bag, rather you just need to go with the flow and gradually those sexual skills and perfections will automatically be shown up in your performances.

Being Dependent On The “Magical” Tricks

You don't need to be. Instead, you simply need to understand that sex is simply about executing things in a simple yet effective manner. Like, you need to feel her screams, but to be in tune with her breathing too.

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