If You Want It Again And Again But She Doesn't

There is no denial the fact that issues of low sex drive have always been common among men all across the globe. However, there are also numerous such men, who have too high sex drives. Call it a natural blessing or anything else, but yes irrespective of their age, such men want more and more of sex anytime. However, even that can be a problem in many ways. In case, you are dealing with the same, here are a few effective ways to tackle it.

Discuss The Issue With Your Partner Clearly

You need to have an open and up-front conversation with her in this context. As always, discussing issues with your partner can greatly help in resolving those. It's just the initiative that you need to take to share things with her. Be honest and frank about your needs, what you are experiencing, and most significantly how do you feel about her.

The more you open up with her in this context, the more she would be able to understand your “problem”. However, you needn't be judgmental about her, her biological traits, or anything else. Most significantly, you needn't make her feel inadequate on her part as that can cause a strain in your relationship.

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Now, once your girl clearly understands your problem, and appreciates your honest approach, you both might arrive at an effective solution. You never know. Might be she has never given it a thought earlier that you want more of it. On her part, she might have always thought that things are great in your sex life. However, from now onwards she might try her best participation in the bedroom sessions.

Make “Sex” ACTUALLY A Pleasurable Thing For Her

In many cases, girls have a passive involvement in the bedroom-sessions, and that makes it troublesome for their partners to content themselves. No wonder, they want more and more of it again and again. In such cases, it's advisable to get your girl examined by any gynecologist or a health expert. If there is any issue with her, you may go for the effective medical solution. However, in case there is no such biological problem with her, you need to check on your techniques and efforts in the bedroom.

Now, this might come as a real surprise to you. However, did you know that in most of the cases girls go passive in their sex lives, only because they don't find it pleasurable to have sex with their partners? It's true. Hence, no matter how horny you are, or how high your sex drive is, if you are monotonous and boring with your techniques in the bedroom, you can't furnish her with the pleasure she needs. Hence, if that's the case, you need to work on your part primarily.

Practice Yoga And Meditation Daily

Above all, practicing yoga and meditations can be a really effective approach to control your HIGH sex drive. In fact, with these, you can very well harness your sexual energy in a very productive and positive way. Yoga and meditations can help in balancing the different hormone-levels in your body. You will be surprised see how energetic you feel, after few minutes of early morning practice.

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