So That You Don't Trouble Her And Yourself While French-Kissing

French kissing your partner can be a lovely and passionate experience. However, a few aspects can make it a not-so-enjoyable experience for both of you. Hence, you need to know about those and most significantly the ways to handle them, so that you do not trouble her while French-kissing.

Soft, Gentle Tongue, And No Biting

Especially guys, think that they would seem more passionate and loving if they accompany their French kisses with hard and firmer tongue. Ok, to some girls, it might be that way. However, for most of them, it is a kind of turn-off. After all, you are to kiss her, and not to pull her oral cavity inside.

Similarly, you might have watched in the TV-shows or movies as how a guy bites the tongue or lips of his girl while French kissing. Besides, they show exciting reactions of girls at those things. However, that is not the case usually. You simply might hurt her, or even make her bleed. Do you think then sucking her blood, like a vampire, would seem passionate?

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Remember, you need to keep your tongue and lips too soft and supple while doing it. The softer and slower it is, the more romantic it would seem. Just try imagining as how you usually use your tongue to lick an ice cream cone. That is the right way, of doing it too.

Avoid Excessive Saliva

You are busy French-kissing her, while all of a sudden you both realize that there is excess saliva. Now, would you just continue with it or prefer avoiding it? Needless to mention, saliva will not only interfere with your romantic moment, but it can also be unhygienic.

Hence, if you are ok swallowing it, then just go for it. That is the best way. However, if you do not find that hygienic enough, you may pull away for a pause, and then continue it again. Let it be as per both of your wishes. Now, that does not mean, you need to take a halt, and start discussing about what to do with the saliva. Let it be continuous, and signaled by body movements, instead.

Don't Proceed With Things That You Find Uncomfortable

It is necessary to be comfortable while French kissing. If you find anything that is not ok with you then just skip it. Besides, if all of a sudden, your partner attempts to make any next move and you are not comfortable with that, you may simply pull her away. It is ok to let her know this way that you are not easy with what she is attempting to do.

In that context, it is worth mentioning that you need not bother, if one or both of you have braces on your teeth. It is ok and you can carry on with it. However, you need to be concerned regarding the two braces that they do not touch each other. Besides, you also need to make sure that you do not put in your tongue or lips in your partner's braces.

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