You Want Her To Cum First, Right?

Ask any man, about few of the things he wishes heartily in the bedroom. Besides making his woman achieve multiple orgasms, the other wish is to make her cum sooner than him. Indeed, that is one of the most desirable things for guys, and they find it really content and joyous if they could make it possible.

For long, pleasing a woman sexually is entailed as a man's masculinity quotient. Call it the influence of societal-beliefs or anything else, but men are considered “men”, only if they have the capability to fulfill all the physical needs of their women. That most significantly includes making them achieve orgasm first.

No wonder, with merely that motive in mind at times guys just keep on trying all their efforts throughout the love-making session, and in a way they ruin it. As, if you are only focused on that “goal” you will only lose your own fun and pleasure, but even your woman would find it robotic, uninvolving, and boring. Needless to mention, with all such negative feelings and disinterest, no magic can ever take a woman to the ecstatic phase. While this might come to you as a bitter statement, but it is a fact.

You indispensably need her interest, that sexual tension, and her arousal to be successful. That confused expression of yours, quite clearly reveals that you lack an idea as how to do it. It is ok, and here are a few effective suggestions.

Bringing Her To That Relaxed, Romantic, And Aroused State

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It can start from mere a date itself. Hence, take her out for a romantic date where you both can discuss things, and where you can make her feel special and loved about herself. Remember, if there has been any issue in your relationship or any misunderstanding, you need to sort out those. Let her be free from any kind of anxiety, or tension. She needs to be happy and psychologically ready for it.

After a nice date, when you are both back home, having a shower together can be a great plan. It would be arousing for both of you, especially for her. Besides, you can also clean her zones for the upcoming event if you are hygiene conscious.

The Perfect Way

Now once, you have dried her up after the bath, you may take her in your arms to the bedroom. Laying her down comfortably, start kissing her with passion and love. Make use of your hands too, while brushing her body parts, including the erogenous zones that are usually avoided like her neck, hair, ear-back, etc. As of now, you need to avoid even touching or kissing her clitoris. Once the sexual tension is built, you need to run your tongue around the labia, and then slowly on its way it to the clitoris. You know the rest, don't you?

Delaying Your Ejaculation

While oral stimulations has always been the most effective technique to make a woman cum, even tantalizing thrusts of your tool too can perform the task well. However, you need your ejaculation to be delayed sufficiently for that. Hence, you may try the well-known start-stop technique.

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