Know Something More About Her And Fill Your Sexual Act With Excitement

Sex is not a race, where you think about doing things fast that will please and excite her. She is tender and needs more love and passion as compared to you men. Women usually don't like to spend quality time with men, who merely think of having sex for their satisfaction and completely forget about her desires.

Intimacy is not all about playing with her G-spot or breasts, which is no doubt a must. However she needs more time in cuddling, foreplay, and pampering. All those men who haven't been doing so might be annoying their partners. She needs more time and your efforts to get satisfied, so you will have to reduce your speed to match her pace.

Do something erotic:

You might have read hundreds of books that talk on various things, which can be done for exciting women. The simple way to excite her is by reaching deep into her G-spot, which is on the outer third layer of her vagina. Slowly and steadily enter deep into the spot, and give her a deep sense of satisfaction.

Many women love oral sex, as compared to penetration. As a reliable sex partner it is your job to know what she likes, as it will help you to do the right thing in proper manner. Your fingers deep into her vagina can do the magic, and immensely satisfy her sexual desires. Every woman has a sensitive part, which triggers their sexual passion.

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Breasts, vagina, ear tips, and kisses will surely rock her sexual world and arouse her. Begin the act by playing with them and don't try to rush things, as she might not like it at all. Every woman likes to hear a few words of praise, especially when you both are in bed. You can appreciate her look and do express it in the best way, as it will make her happy.

All these simple things are quite effective if you do it properly. Not many men can appreciate the beauty naturally, so try this act only if you can make the right attempt. Such appreciation makes them feel good, as women are quite sensitive about their looks when they are undressed.

Sexual satisfaction:

As compared to men, women need more time to get sexually satisfied. If you are nearing the race of climax then it is suggested that take some time off, and ensure that you both reach the climax at the same time. It needs practice and understanding between both of you. If you have finished the race before her, then use a sex toy to satisfy her as well.

She likes when you talk to her while enjoying the act. It doesn't mean that you can talk about your business tie-ups at this time, as it will kill her mood. Rather you can tell her how badly you need her and how you will like to do things with her. You can ask her what she likes and how she wants him to do things. She will be happy to know how much you care for her.

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