Penis Enhancement Patch and Fertility

It is said sperm factors account for infertility in about forty percent of all cases. The herbal ingredients of penis enhancement patch can improve sperm count and semen volume. Penis enhancement patch contains important minerals like selenium.

Selenium deficiency has been scientifically cited as a causative factor for male impotence. Penis enhancement patch can help alcoholics improve their fertility by increasing sperm count. 

The increase in blood supply brought about by penis enhancement patch prevents the occurrence of topical penile skin ailments.

Penis enhancement patch can prevent the occurrence of erectile dysfunction from stress and certain prescription drugs.

Hormone is a biochemical substance of significant biological activity produced by specific cells in the body. They are transported through circulation to act on their target cells and organs. They regulate body functions to bring about a timed sequence of biological events. They are said to maintain homeostasis under extreme variable internal environments.

The metabolic rate of the body is controlled by thyroid hormones. Somatic and mitotic growth is under the control of growth hormone. Calcium balance and metabolism in the body is maintained by calcitonin and vitamin D. Gonadotropins, androgen, progestins and estrogens are all sex hormones.

Penis enhancement patch can restore hormonal balance from prolonged steroid use. The use of steroids for extended periods of time forms suppression of the hypothalamo pituitary adrenal axis. There is suppression of the production and metabolism of essential sexual hormones.

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The natural hormones and their synthetic analogues are employed therapeutically in substitution therapy. Gonadotrophins bring about gametogenesis and secretion of gonadal hormones. They support spermatogenesis in men. They are said to have a trophic effect on seminiferous tubules.

The excess production of growth hormone causes gigantism in children. Disturbance in gonadotrophins secretion leads to impotence and infertility in men. They cause retarded synthesis of sperms. It stimulates testosterone synthesis from the interstitial cells. 

Hormone replacement therapy for sterility involves the application of gonadotrophins.
Cryptochism is a condition observed in men where there is poor development of testes and accessory sexual organs. Gonadotrophins administered before a certain age can bring about normal descent and development of testis. Synthetic analogues of sex hormones are a hundred times more potent than natural hormones. 

All sex hormones have the pharmacological potential to be used as contraceptives in both sexes. The human sex organs produce steroidal hormones. Testosterone produced by the testis is the primary male sex hormone. It is seen in the active form in the testis, bone marrow and pituitary gland. 

The physical development, aggressive behavior and penile erections are brought about by testosterone. It plays an important role in the intrauterine development of the male phenotype. The herbal constituents of penis enhancement patch can improve the circulating levels of testosterone in the body. 

Penis enhancement patch can induce physical relaxation and ease in men essential for sexual intercourse. The organic constituents act against chronic fatigue and poor physical stamina. Penis enhancement patch can improve the sex life in men who suffer from prostrate enlargement. Prostrate hypertrophy interferes with urinary and sexual function in older men.

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