Penis Enhancement Patch and its Systemic Actions

Penis enhancement patch contains essential vitamins and their co factors. Low concentrations of any of the organic nutrients can decrease sex drive and stamina.

The use of herbal patch can benefit men with poor dietary habits. It could protect them against sexual dysfunction. 

Folic acid and vitamin C are important nutrients. Folic acid deficiency can cause sterility. This is accompanied by weight loss and weakness. Folate deficiency can occur from inadequate dietary intake. 

Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of sex hormones. The regular use of herbal patch fortified with the above vitamins can work against hormonal imbalance. Few prescription drugs reduce or enhance the rate of metabolism of other drugs. 

Penis enhancement patch ingredients do not interact with oral prescription drugs as they act through the transdermal route. 

It is believed that about thirty eight percent of all men over the age of sixty suffer from erectile dysfunction. About twenty percent of the sexually active population would experience low sex drive at least once. 

High concentrations of the hormone prolactin can cause physiological infertility in men. It interferes with testosterone levels bringing about loss of libido. The herbal patch ingredients can negate the high concentrations of prolactin through neurotransmitter action. They can protect the metabolic actions of testosterone promoting sexual desire.

The bioavailablity of the herbal patch ingredients are constant. The sexual effects of the penis enhancement patch are not dependent on liver blood flow. They undergo very little metabolism in the liver. Individuals with significant hepatic impairment can use them.

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Alcoholics and drug addicts have a low degree of hepatic function. Herbal patch ingredients do not undergo pharmacological interactions like synergism and antagonism. Astringents are substances that precipitate proteins without penetrating cells. They affect the superficial layer alone.

Certain penis enhancement patch formulations contain astringents like menthol. It is a medicated solution of peppermint oil. They enable absorption of the aphrodisiac herbs in to the systemic circulation. Penis enhancement patch companies offer sixty-day money back guarantee to their customers.

They act to strengthen the surface making them mechanically stronger. They decrease and prevent exudation seen with inflamed surface. Tannic acid and betel nut ingredients are popular vegetable astringents. Heavy metal salts are said to have astringent property.

They promote topical repair and healing of cutaneous lesions. Astringents can prevent occurrence of local hypersensitivity reactions. They have antiperspirant and refreshing properties. They have local antiseptic action. 

Certain penis enhancement patch companies provide free sample for use with online registration. Herbal ingredients promote increased blood supply to the penis through the generation of nitric oxide. Prescription drugs used for erectile dysfunction work through nitric oxide as the mediator. Penis enhancement patch can be procured through mail, fax and credit card orders.

Penis enhancement patch is water resistant and can be worn in the shower. The herbal ingredients work against erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Ototoxicity, loss of vision and nasal congestion are some of the adverse effects associated with impotence prescription drugs. They can induce low blood pressure in susceptible individuals.

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