Penis Enhancement Patch and Metabolic Action

Penis enhancement patch acts through transdermal route to deliver the potent herbal ingredients. The aphrodisiac herbs are effective in increasing libido and sexual confidence.

This is achieved through stimulation of genital nerve endings. Penis enhancement patch has a higher form of drug kinetics over oral prescription drugs. 

There can be displacement of plasma protein drugs through oral route. There is risk to diminished action with volume of distribution and clearance.

Penis enhancement patch herbal ingredients are not at risk to pharmacological diminution with transdermal route of action.

There is definite alteration to rate of excretion. There is effect on absorption, distribution and metabolism patterns. Other concurrently ingested drugs can affect the absorption of an orally administered drug. 

This is mostly due to the formation of insoluble and poorly formed complexes in the gut lumen. This can occur with calcium, iron salts, antacids and sucralfate. Penis enhancement patch delivers beneficial herbal agents from cutaneous layers in to systemic circulation. They thus circumvent the risk to deactivation through gastric substances.

The absorption of other drugs in the gut lumen may be impaired by the presence of a certain other drug. Some drugs have to be administered with a time lag of few hours to avoid metabolic contact with each other. This does not apply to penis enhancement patch, as they are immune to gastric factors.

Some of them interfere with deconjugation process of oral steroids. Steroid failure has been reported in few instances with use of certain antibiotics. This can occur form the lowering of concentration of steroids. Penis enhancement patch can be used to benefit systemic patients with steroid intake for increase in penis size.

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There can be alteration to gastric motility form the use of certain drugs. Antidepressants, painkillers and prokinetic drugs can affect other drug absorption. Penis enhancement patch herb actions are not implicated with the use of the above drugs.

Certain negative effects are observed with drug distribution patterns. There is displacement of one drug from its binding sites on plasma proteins by other drugs.

Some drugs have a low volume of distribution like oral anticoagulants, painkillers and diabetic drugs. The displacing drug can occupy plasma protein binding sites with greater affinity. 

This can cause drug toxicity from the presence of the free drug form. Penis enhancement patch ingredients do not cause toxicity as they have high volume of distribution. 

Certain drugs can enhance or tune down the rate of metabolism of other drugs. This can further affect bioavailbility of individual constituents. This is more with drugs that undergo significant first pass metabolism in the liver. There can be damage to the plasma half-life of a drug.

Herbal penis patch does not affect metabolism of other drugs as it acts through transdermal route. Thus it acts as a safe supplement for sexual heath and general nutrition. Herbal penis patch formulation does not contain harmful fillers. 

Herbal penis patch companies offer money back guarantee for about sixty days on their product. They provide value added benefits like e books and guides on sexual enhancement and male health.

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