Penis Extender Vs Penis Enlargement Patch

There are a lot of products introduced into the market everyday for penis enlargement. This creates a lot of confusion amongst men looking for the best enlargement devices.

This is not something that is out of the ordinary. Sometimes even the smartest men can get confused when they read about the conflicting reviews of these products on the net.

The need for penis enhancement devices is vast in men suffering from penis issues. In this article we will discuss about the two popular devices for penis enlargement.

These two devices are the Penis Extender and penis enlargement patch. Below is a brief insight on how these two devices work. 


The principle of both these devices is quite different. A penis extender works with the help of traction method. As the body produces new tissues, it helps to make the penis longer and fuller. These extenders gently exert pressure to stretch the penile tissues.

The mechanism is very different from a penis enlargement patch. With the help of these patches, you are getting a natural supplement that is fused into the bloodstream which then increases the blood flow to the penis making it longer and thicker.

Penis extenders are applied directly on the penis with the help of adjustable bars and a surgical band. These then work by applying a gentle pressure to the penis shaft which helps in the multiplication of new tissue cells in the penis. 

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A penis enlargement patch makes use of herbal ingredients. You can easily apply these patches to your abdomen, upper thighs or buttocks that can help you achieve results in a quicker and efficient way. These patches help to encourage the blood flow to the penile tissues that provides for a longer and harder erection.

Cost Factor

Penis extenders are a little expensive than a penis enlargement patch. These devices can cost you around several hundred dollars if you are looking for top quality products. Though these devices are expensive, but can prove very effective if you want quicker results. 

The cost of a penis patch is comparatively low than a penis extender. Bulk purchases of these patches can cost you less than a hundred dollars that can last for several months. This is an ideal option if you are on a tight budget.

Despite their pricing factor, both these devices are proven to achieve results efficiently and effectively. These are quite safe and user friendly. They can be used by older people as well as people suffering from other health issues.


The one thing that stands common in penis extenders and a penis enlargement patch is their effectiveness. Both these methods are highly effective in treating small penis. Men can choose any one of these methods to enhance the length and girth of their penis. 

We can say that penis extenders and a penis enlargement patch are both a very good option to increase the size of your penis and also to improve your sexual performance. There is no pain or discomfort involved with the usage of these devices as long as they are used in the correct manner.

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