Transdermal Male Enhancement Patch

Drugs that are highly lipid soluble are applied over the skin for slow and prolonged absorption. 

By the above cutaneous means of absorption the liver is bypassed metabolically. Ointments and creams applied on the skin work by the same principle. 

Transdermal male enhancement patch is a form of therapeutic system. They are classified under cutaneous means of drug route. They are adhesive patches of various shapes and sizes.

The transdermal male enhancement patch delivers the aphrodisiac herbal ingredients constantly in to systemic circulation through skin. The stratum corneum is the permeable layer of the skin that enables this absorption. 

The herbal ingredients as a drug can be in the form of solution or bound to a polymer. The transdermal male enhancement patch holds it in a reservoir between an occlusive backing film and a micropore membrane.

The micropore membrane is rate controlling in function. The undersurface is further smeared with an adhesive impregnated priming dose of the drug. This is again protected by another film to be peeled off just before application.

The male enhancement patch delivers the ingredients at the skin surface. This moves by diffusion for percutaneous absorption in to circulation. The micropore membrane evidently has special properties.

The micropore membrane is such that the rate of drug delivery to skin surface is less than the slowest rate of absorption from skin. This offsets any variation in the rate of absorption according to the properties of different sites.

The male enhancement patch delivers the drug at constant and predictable rate irrespective of site of application. The chest, abdomen, upper arm, lower back, buttock or mastoid regions are utilized.

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Drugs for systemic health conditions and addictions are also delivered through this route. They usually last for one to seven days depending upon the efficacy of the herbal ingredients.

Male enhancement patches are increasing becoming very popular as they provide smooth plasma concentrations of the drug without fluctuations. They are considered hip and cool to sport by young men.

The ingredients absorbed by this route do not undergo first pass metabolism in the liver and have minimal side effects if any. Consumer compliance is better with male enhancement patches than oral forms. 

The site of application is changed by rotation to avoid local skin irritation and erythema. Discontinuation of the male enhancement patch has never been reported.

The herbal ingredients administered are intended to be absorbed into the blood stream and distributed all over the body. This includes the actual surface area of absorption through circulation.

Male enhancement patches can be procured easily online through all forms of commercial transaction. They have added benefits and bulk order monetary concessions.

Money back guarantee offer is available for a certain period of time. They can be combined with penis enlargement exercises as a package offer. They are said to alleviate the symptoms of many sexual dysfunctions.

Male enhancement patches negate the metabolic deficiencies associated with oral sexual health drugs. The herbal ingredients there by do not react with food and lag in absorption time. The pharmacodynamic properties of the herb contents are intact.

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