Penis Enlargement Patch and Anaphylaxis

Penis enlargement patch ingredients do not cause any form of hypersensitivity. The herbal constituents have been processed to retain their aphrodisiac nature.

Penis enlargement patch herbs act through transdermal route to achieve adequate systemic concentration.

A state of balance in the immune response is essential for protection against endogenous and exogenous agents. Hypersensitivity is the exaggerated state of immune response to an allergen. 

Hypersensitivity can cause immunologic tissue injury. The resultant lesions produced occur from interaction between antigen and antibody response. Penis enlargement patch delivers the herbal ingredients without any adverse cutaneous reaction.

Antibodies are generated as a result of the immune response. The rapid initiation and duration of immune response action determine the form of antibody response. Immediate hypersensitivity reactions initiate antigen antibody reaction in a few seconds to minutes. 

Humoral antibodies participate largely in the above type of reaction. The immediate form of hypersensitivity is further classified in to many other forms. Penis enlargement patch herbs follow cGMP guidelines and clinical efficiency criteria. The time period for initiation of hypersensitivity can vary with every individual.

Delayed type of reaction is manifested after a day or two with exposure. The cascading physiological effects seen are prolonged and last longer. Delayed type of hypersensitivity reactions are mediated by cellular response. Anaphylactic or actopic reactions are symptomatically opposite to that of prophylaxis.

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It is a state of heightened immune response to a particular allergen to which the individual might have had previous exposure. There is the release of certain physiological mediators that are pharmacologically active referred to as factors of anaphylaxis. Histamine, vasoactive peptides and serotonin are some of them. Penis enlargement patch herbs are neutral towards mediators of anaphylaxis.

Vasoactive peptides have the ability to modulate circulatory function. Immune components like neutrophils and eosinophils participate in the above reaction. 

Multiple forms of leukotrienes and prostaglandin agents are seen in action with platelet activating factors. Heightened vascular permeability, smooth muscle contraction and vasodilatory effects are seen. Penis enlargement patch herbs bring about beneficial vasodilatation improving penile function with heightened blood flow.

The effects of hypersensitivity reaction can be seen at local organs or the entire body. The systemic effects of allergy seen in the body occur with certain prescription drugs, antiserum and animal bites. The use of topical agents that promote erectile function can induce hypersensitivity. 

There can be increase in glandular activity promoting nasal and lacrimal secretion with allergy. Local effects imitate that of food allergy and contact dermatitis.

Local anaphylactic symptoms include hay fever, running nose, bronchial asthma and cutaneous wheal formation. There is the reddening of the cutaneous skin with inflammation. Angiodema can occur with time, breathing difficulty and throat irritation are other symptoms. Penis enlargement patch herbs can bring about greater erectile function without any of the above side effects.

Cytotoxic forms of hypersensitivity occur with auto and iso antibodies to blood cells. Cytotoxic antibodies could be generated to local tissue components. Sperm DNA damage from antibodies induces impotence. Penis enlargement patch components improve sperm health by increasing semen volume.

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