Penis Enlargement Patch and Disease Factors

Penis enlargement patch releases herbal constituents in time related dose manner. They achieve adequate concentration in systemic circulation through transdermal absorption.

Penis enlargement patch herbs do not undergo hepatic metabolism. Increased insulin secretion is a feature of obesity.

There is high blood sugar level inspite of the presence of more insulin. There is decreased sensitivity of the tissue to insulin similar to tissue resistance. 

Obese individuals have a greater risk to non insulin dependent diabetes. Reduction in weight can tone down the severity of the diabetic condition. Penis enlargement patch herbs promote weight loss by increasing sex drive. 

The increased blood volume with obese individuals puts them closer to the development of hypertension. Reduction in the systolic or contractile blood pressure can be achieved by loss of weight. Penis enlargement patch promotes circulatory health by providing for local vasodilatation. The high cholesterol level circulates with triglycerides as low density lipoprotein. 

Total blood cholesterol levels may be very high. Obesity is strongly associated with very low density lipoprotein. This further involves the risk to atherosclerosis. The risk to myocardial infarction and stroke is greater. The incidence of formation of gall stones is higher with the high cholesterol levels.

Somnolence of a higher degree with daytime and night has been reported. Penis enlargement patch herbs do not interfere with prescription drugs of systemic conditions. They act through transdermal route overcoming hepatic and gastric factors.

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Multiplication of the somatic and reproductive cells is the most complex of all cell functions. Period between the cellular rapid mitosis is called interphase. 
The cell cycle is the growth phase between two consecutive cell divisions. There are four sequential growth and multiplicative phases in the cell cycle. The gap phase, the synthesis phase, the gap two phase and mitotic phase.

The gap phase is the stage when there is synthesis of proteins. The proteins are metabolically essential for DNA synthesis. The synthesis phase involves replication of nuclear DNA. The second gap phase is necessary for further biomolecular synthesis. The mitotic phase is the stage in which process of mitosis to form two daughter cells is completed. 

There is compensatory mechanism of mitosis by removal part of an organ. Reparative stimulation of mitosis occurs when a tissue is injured. 

Target organ chemical stimulation of mitosis occurs under the influence of specific hormones. These hormones can have mitogenic effect on cells of the target organ. Penis enlargement patch herbs promote penis growth by expansion and multiplication of erectile chambers of the organ.

The first step in the nervous system is reception. The stimulus is received by the neural receptors in the above step. The second step is the transmission of information to the brain. The third step is integration where in information is attended to and an adequate response is determined. 

In the fourth step of transmission, the message is delivered from the brain to the concerned effectors. The effectors are seen to contract and produce the actual response to the stimulus. The medulla is the lowest portion of the brain. 
Penis enlargement patch herbs stimulate nerve endings to work against prostrate hypertrophy.

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