Penis Enlargement Patch and General Health

Penis enlargement patch can improve the sex life of young men with performance anxiety. The herbal constituents can work against prostrate hypertrophy by stimulation of local nerve endings.

Penis enlargement patch can help recovery of sexual function after pelvic surgery. Pelvic adhesions in women can block or impair mechanical passage to fallopian tube for fertilization.

Pelvic surgery can induce adhesions affecting fertility. Male factors are responsible for about fifty percent of all infertility conditions. High nutrition like carotenoids and phytonutirents has anti aging actions with sexual health.

Penis enlargement patch can work against male infertility factors.
Carotenoids are naturally yellow and red occurring compounds found in plants. Carotenoids have high antioxidant action to protect the body against free radical damage and metabolic stress. 

There is a strong link to erectile dysfunction and chronic diseases with men. Inactivity and obesity can cause erectile dysfunction in young men. Penis enlargement patch can be sued by men irrespective of their sexual health status. 
Statistics indicate that about twenty million people in developed nations suffer from erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is reported in about fifty percent of men with diabetes and hypertension. Thirty percent of men with poor lifestyle have erection issues with the penis. Healthy diet and regular exercise can prevent the incidence of erectile dysfunction. Penis enlargement patch herbs can work against the deleterious health effects of stress and obesity. 

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Hypothyroidism can increase the circulating concentration of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin can work against the sexual efforts of testosterone. Testosterone as the primary androgen is essential for spermatogenesis. Penis enlargement patch herbs increase the circulating concentration of testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction can be associated with medical conditions like coronary heart disease. Erectile dysfunction can predispose to cardiac conditions with time in few men. It can be associated with total impotence. Penis enlargement patch acts against impotence by increasing semen volume through glandular stimulation.

Prescription drugs for erection like Viagra have multiple side effects. Poor emotional and behavioral causes for the condition are treated with psychotherapy. 
Low sexual stamina and other systemic drugs can cause erectile dysfunction. A good sex life can prolong longevity and general health. 

Regular sexual intercourse can boost the immune status of an individual. A certain secret of longevity revolves around indulgence in sexual pleasure, exercise and positive attitude.

Longevity can be prolonged by about fourteen years from healthy diet, regular sex and exercise. Obesity and stress can reduce average life span. Alcohol and nicotine abstinence can bring about the same positive effects. A high sex drive is good for general health. 

High orgasmic potential can boost sex life by about two years. Sexual intercourse for only about twice a month brought high risk to early death. High sex drive can add years to anticipated lifespan.

Sexual intercourse for more than twice a week can add to longevity by more than two years. High antioxidant diet can lower risk to premature death by forty percent. Certain herbs are naturally concentrated with antioxidants. Penis enlargement patch herbs protect developing spermatozoa against oxidative damage and DNA disruption.

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