Penis Enlargement Patch and Inflammation

Penis enlargement patch formulation contains essential minerals and vitamins. The herbal constituents can improve general health through greater immune function.

Penis enlargement patch herbs maintain emotional health by working against neurotransmitter imbalance.

Haemolytic anemia can occur from cytotoxic reaction. The circulating red blood cells are damaged from the generation of antibodies to surface antigens. Penis enlargement patch improves blood flow to the penis through nitric oxide.

Incompatible or poorly matched blood transfusions cause damage through cytotoxic hypersensitivity. Autoantibodies can be synthesized against platelets, white blood cells and foetal cells during pregnancy.

Certain antibiotic induce cytotoxiity through surface attachment to red blood cells. Penis enlargement patch herbs can protect against the sexual side effects of prescription drugs.

Primary hyperthyroidism can occur from the generation of thyroid antibodies. The Cytotoxic antibodies generated can affect thyroid function. Hypersensitivity reactions can cause muscle weakness from impairment of neuromuscular control via neurotransmitters.

Antisperm antibody can be synthesized against spermatozoa. This can cause low motility and genetic damage. Low motility impairs the fertilization potential of the individual spermatozoa. Large-scale cytotoxic destruction of healthy sperm causes impotence.

Penis enlargement patch herbs protect sperm health by increasing penile blood flow.
The formation of immune complex can occur with certain hypersensitivity reactions. The antigen antibody complex activates an immune complement system that affects tissue health. 

The above immune complex reaction can be mediated by many factors. Exogenous antigens like infectious agents, prescription drugs and toxic chemicals are some of them. Penis enlargement patch herbs can protect against accumulation of smegma by improving local tissue health. 

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Infectious agents can be disease causing like bacteria, fungi, virus and parasites. Endogenous agents are immune components and cellular antigens. 

Vasculitis of skin can occur from circulating antibody in local inflammatory reactions. High concentration of antibodies can damage vessel wall affecting circulatory health. Penis enlargement patch herbs improve arterial health through anti-inflammatory action. 

Vessel damage is seen in infections like framer's lung and antisera administration procedures. The deposition of antigen antibody complex in certain tissues initiates further inflammatory reaction. Skin diseases, collagen conditions and glomerulonephritis occur from the above action. 

Contact dermatitis is a form of classical delayed hypersensitivity. There is prolonged cellular injury from long lasting inflammatory reactions. The delayed hypersensitivity reaction is at its peak at a time period of forty-eight hours. There can be aggregetaion of inflammatory cells in the local blood vessels. 

Oedema occurs from the allergic response to a number of toxins and antigens. Incompatible transplanted tissue is rejected through T lymphocyte mediated allergic reaction. 

There is high risk to cell mediated rejection of penile grafts and implants. The use of immunosuppressants and corticosteroids may not guarantee long-term survival of penile implants. 

Invasive procedures like penis enhancement surgery do not guarantee definite gains in penile measure. There is high risk to post operative shrinkage of penile measure with improper healing.

Penile implants are also susceptible to functional failure through default of component mechanical parts. Penis enlargement patch herbs guarantee increase in penis size with zero side effects.

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