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When you talk about a complete family it actually comprises of a father, a mother and a child. Every man or a woman marries to lead a happy family life. In some couple's life the happiness from their married life disappears when they face problems with infertility. For any woman to conceive a child man plays an equal important role.

You will be surprised to know that there are millions of couples in the world who are suffering from infertility. The main reason for this is sexual dysfunction. When any couple consults a doctor to discuss about infertility then their sexual relationships becomes more pronounced. The timely performance at sexual intercourse needs to be very effective. As a result of this the couple's sexual activity becomes an activity restricted for procreation instead of recreation.

There are many ways to eliminate such problems. You can start taking help of penis enhancement patches to make your sexual life more satisfied. According to doctors the sexual function is split into 3 phases.

· Desire: this is defined as your sexual crave. The desire is very important for your sexual satisfaction.

· Arousal: this can be defined as the changes that take place in your body allowing your body to get prepared for the sexual function.

· Orgasm: this phase can be best defined as climax of sexual intercourse. The orgasm plays an equally important role as of desire. This is the time when you control the ejaculation. If you lose control on your ejaculation you will have an unsatisfied sexual intercourse.

Sexual dysfunction occurs when you face some problems in any of the above phases. The main causes for sexual dysfunction may be your health, the relationship between you and your partner or your ideas about sex. The penis enhancement patches help you to improve your sexual desire, arousal and orgasm. Thus making your sex life more comfortable and satisfied one.

According to many studies it has been found out that the main cause for sexual problem is erectile dysfunction. That means when you have a desire for love or sex your penis does not become firm. You will fail to hold it rock hard. There are many reasons for the erectile dysfunction. Some of them are:

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· Your health condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, blood vessel disease etc.

· Depression

· You might have undergone surgeries that affected your bladder or genitals.

· You might be suffering from nerve injury or diseases

· Hormonal problems or even you might have taken some medications that have affected your blood tissues.

For the entire above reasons male enlargement patches are the best suited medication. These penis enlargement patches contain all natural herbs in the form of medication. These patches come in the form of stickers.

All you need to do is just paste the penis enhancement patches on your body, preferably on your thighs or just below the abdomen or on your buttocks. The herbal ingredients start transferring the vital nutrients into your body via transdermal method and thus you get all the benefits.

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