Steroids Can Shrink A Man's Penis

Know How Using a Steroid Can Shrink Your Penis

Steroids are unnatural medically generated substances, which are primarily used for medical purposes. Steroids are used in performing surgeries, as they are good pain relievers. Steroids affect an individual's body growth and enhance it. Generally, body builders, athletes and people, who have active occupations, use them. You need to have a prescription from an authentic physician to use steroids and you must know that they are banned in all sports.

In fact, big sports personalities are often linked with the use of steroids. Using steroids has its advantages and disadvantages. However, its disadvantages are not much publicized. It is reported that sometimes steroids can cause diseases as well as death.

Anabolic steroid is one of the most common forms of steroid. Its main characteristic is to promote the growth of tissues and muscles. Every man secretes a hormone named testosterone, which are vital for the physical growth during puberty. Anabolic steroid enhances the possible androgenic effect as a result of which a man's sexual features develop faster. This is the reason why many men use steroids to increase their penis size and erection length. Well, steroids are expensive and hence not all can afford it. However, there is an alternative to answer this issue. There are different types of steroids, some of them are said to have the same effect as anabolic steroid, and they are much cheaper.

Side effects of using steroids:

Companies producing steroids are always publicising its positive effect for obvious reasons. However, the user actually needs to know the negative effects too. Since the side effect of steroids are severe and in some cases can even cause death. Now, just like any other body parts, male reproductive system is also exposed to the risk of suffering from side effects of steroids. This is because, just like hormones, anabolic are also produced by male reproductive organ.

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As a side effect, steroid can cause temporary or even permanent impotency. The effects of steroids are long lasting and strong. This means either your penis will not get an erection or if it does, it won't be able to perform the way it should. In simple words, steroids can actually paralyze your penis and decrease its abilities to perform its functions.

Steroids and penis shrinkage:

Well, so far no study proves that there is a direct relation between steroids and shrinkage of penis. There are several other reasons that shrink a man's penis, like:

  • If a man is out of sexual desire

  • Use of tight underwear for prolonged time

However, the bad news is, steroids are potential to keep your penis shrunk. The simple reason behind this is that as a side effect of steroids, your erections are compromised and if you are not having proper erection, your penis is never going to increase in size. Also, few people believe that steroids cause permanent shrinkage and then no matter what you do, the damage is done.

So, it can be concluded that even if steroids don't directly cause shrinkage of penis, they can aggravate the situation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that steroids should only be used after acquiring proper prescription from an authorised physician.

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