Pick Up Lines – Tips To Make Your First Date Memorable

To make your first date romantic and memorable, you can consider several factors. You could choose an amazing location like a high standard restaurant, candle light dinner near the beach or a stunning sunset. Besides choosing a romantic location, your behavior, and your gestures matters a lot.

If you like a girl, you could obviously ask her for a day out. If she is interested in you, she will obviously say yes. However, if you do not understand how to talk to the girl in a right manner, you will end up being her friend and nothing more than that.

How to become her lover?

We all know that there is a small gap between an effective flirting and a simple and pleasant friendly conversation. Consider the above mentioned tips and techniques to cross the barrier and grab her attention. Simply keep your focus on the lady and ensure that she is enjoying the evening.

Here are some popular pick up lines-

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  • How does it feel to be the prettiest lady in the club?
  • You look so sweet that you might give me a toothache
  • Do you have a band aid? Actually I scraped my knee falling for you
  • Do you have a map? I think I am lost in your pretty eyes
  • The one thing your eyes do not tell me… Your name
  • There's something wrong with my eyes because I cannot take them off from you
  • Nice outfit, where did you get it?

Try out body language tricks on her

You could use some impressive body language tricks to make her realize you are interested in her. Turn your shoulders and knees in such a manner so that you are facing her and glance at her lips. You could find some excuses to touch her hands. As the evening goes on, you could touch her arms or knees. She will become comfortable with you.

Things to be taken care of

Do not try overused and exhausted lines with the lady. Girls are aware of such cheesy lines. It will spoil her mood and might irritate her. You will end up nowhere. Be genuine while delivering the lines. While talking to her, you could keep the conversation light hearted. Make her realize that you are a fun loving guy. If she starts to share some boring topics like job, exams etc, you could steer the conversation on happier topics.

You need to become a good listener and give genuine reactions to her. Do not simply nod your head, but involve yourselves in the conversation. She will easily recognize, if you are listening to her or pretending to listen. You could look out for some common interests between both of you like music sports, films, food etc. You could steal her heart through a good and deep eye connection too. Build a strong eye connection with the lady, but make sure that she does not feel uncomfortable or awkward.

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