Conversations That Will Make Your Women Go Gaga Over You

When men go out on a date, they sometimes wonder what to talk about with their women. Greeting the other person with a smile will ensure that you have a great impression. I will also ensure that the other person of quite comfortable. Next thing is how you can continue impressing your girls.

By bragging about what you do and how best you perform, will only bore your girl. Not all women can have a conversation on what you might like. Thus, it is important that you let the other person start a conversation. This way at least you know what she likes to talk about and where her interest lies.

There are number of question which may be used as conversation openers. A little practice before going on a date will actually help you gather confidence. Here are some examples for to help you start a conversation.

Are you fond of reading books?

Although this is a closed ended question, but it is a good conversation starter. Once you know that your date shares the same interest, then you can ask more open ended questions like what kind of books you read and who is your favorite author. You could also discuss the latest editions and share what kind of books you like to read.

Not all women like to read. If she says that she hardly reads, you can switch the topic rather than continuing with it.

Which cartoon character did you like in your childhood days?

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This question will allow her t open up about what she did in her childhood days. You'll know more about what kind of person she is. Also, you'll know more about her background and how she has been brought about. If she hesitates about discussing details about her life, do not insist her to do so.

What is the best part about your job?

A question like this will help you understand how determined she is about her career and what she has planned for future.

How often do you travel for pleasure?

This will help you learn more about how adventurous your date is. You could choose to share your travel experience and some tips on where to travel and how best you can enjoy a particular place.

What kind of people interests you?

This is a never ending topic and women can go on and on. There is a long list of qualities that women have about the kind of people they like around them. It will help you know what you should do and what not while with her.

Other topics that you like to discuss are:

  • Who is your favorite singer?
  • Which is your favorite movie?
  • What artistic talent do you have in you?
  • Which is your best memorable day in life?

You can start your conversation with any of these questions and let it flow. Once you've got her talking and feel that she is comfortable with you, then let her take the lead. Women like take charge of any given situation and appreciate men who respect women.

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