Mind Games With Women - Does It Always Work Out Well?

Ever wondered why some men get fed of playing mind games with women they date? This does not necessarily mean that he has given up on dating women. The answer could be that he is not getting what he really wants from her. Yes, I am referring to sex and physical intimacy.

Men love the company of their women, and they enjoy every moment of togetherness. On the other hand, some men are emotionally insecure, and are not comfortable showing or sharing their feelings with their dates. They rather choose to play along, and try to get most out of whatever they get.

Some women like men who play games:

Generally, women are more interested in men who are a bit mysterious. Ladies enjoy it when their partners keep them thinking about a few things. Guys who are straightforward can be boring sometimes for such ladies. Some women believe that being mysterious keeps their relationships livelier, and in many cases, they last longer.

Macho impression is the key:

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Many men like to project macho alpha impression by playing games with their dates. The more they do it, the merrier their women are. This is one of the ways their dates never lose interest in them, and want such men more than the others.

Relationships beyond mind games and guesses:

Lots of men play game just for the fun of it. They like to see their women's reaction and find out how far can go on with them. They enjoy keeping their ladylove guessing about how they feel, and watch for them to react. The problem however is overdoing it. Now that could lead to suspicions and conflicts.

A lot of men go on a date to end up in bed with their women. Thus, they let their lovely ladies take the lead on many situations. Mostly, they get what they want, but at times, after doing everything that their woman wanted, they get nothing in the end. This really upsets men. It is something like you go out for dinner, place an order, wait for your food to come, and leave after paying the bill, without actually eating anything.

Some men believe that they could actually take women to bed by letting the air of curiosity hang about them. However, you do not get sex all the time by playing mind games with your dates. Therefore, take the lead, and all those ladies who follow you for a long time will be willing to have sex with you. Although this trick might not work with all ladies, some might find it interesting and willingly follow the lead.

Each time you want sex, try to have a different game plan. This will ensure that you enjoy following your plan and keep the women interested in you. This is more like a trail and error game. You'll not always succeed, but could get lucky most of the time.

You could change the plan if at any point of time you feel it isn't working for you. This way you could make the dates even more interesting for your ladylove and you.

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