It Would Be Hard For Her To Resist You Then?

Corny pickup lines, showing off, trying to be a good guy, and may more of these techniques you have already tried. Every-time you try to impress, or to be attractive to a girl that way, all you end up with is no positive result, embarrassment, and even disappointments.

Thank God! You don't give-up, and try all over again the next time. Yet, even then the situation remains the same. You try getting advices from your ‘friends', who themselves have been a loser in this arena, and you mess up everything even more.

Do you know the part where you are actually lacking? It's nothing like a secret, or something unobvious. All you need to know is what women feel attraction towards, and how you can take that mere attraction to more than a friendly flirting.

Assets That Fascinate Them but You Might Be Lacking In

Do those mean a muscular body, or really good-looks? No, not exactly. Yes, it's always an added advantage if you have been bestowed with, or have worked on yourself for these desirable qualities. Yet, these aren't the most significant and the only aspect that women look for. The question is then what are those?

It's your confidence, most significantly. In most of the cases, this is the very first thing that women look-for in men. The more confident and secure you appear, the more attractive you are to them. It's a kind of turn-on for women, which makes them feel safe and comfortable with a ‘real man'.

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Responding Properly To Her Signals

When a woman finds you trustworthy, and is comfortable enough with you, then she might set herself up. She might also send some signals, if she isn't willing to ask you directly for those intimacy things. Indeed, in most of the cases women won't directly ask new men for such things, they would instead signal it.

Now, you need to understand her signals, and respond to those properly. Most men usually are mistaken at such points, by appearing nervous, or seeking women's approval for each and everything. You needn't be one of those, and so when she is ready for it you just need to give it a go.

The only concern that you need to have in such a situation is that you needn't misinterpret her moves or signals. Only if you are sure enough that she is in the mood, and ready for submission, you need to proceed.

Assuring Her That She Would Have A Great Time With You

Believe it or not, but a woman would get attracted to a guy with a good sense of humor. It's one of the most significant aspects in a guy that they get impressed about.

When a woman is assured that whatever time she would spend with you would be fun and entertaining, she would always like to get close to you. Let her enjoy, be happy, and laugh with you, and you may soon expect things going as per your wish.

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