You Too Can Be An Easy Going Guy That Women Love To Talk To

It's ok when you get jealous every-time you look at those easy going males with women. They are able to create a perfect chemistry with them, all because of their good and attractive conversation skill. Women seem much interested in talking to them. They laugh and giggle together and soon there builds a proper tuning between them. This might have always compelled you to wonder about the ‘secret' behind the amazing conversation skills of those males.

Well, the question is, is there actually any secret behind it? Are they quite different from you in any of the aspect, and is it like you can't help it and would always remain a boring guy to talk to? The clear and simple answer to all of these is a ‘NO'. You too have everything that they posses, and there is nothing as special about them. All you are lacking in is a little idea about having a great conversation with women.

Being A Good and Active Listener

Yes, that's what is most significantly required when it's about having conversation with women. They are fond of talking, ‘speaking' to be more precise. Hence, it needn't be like you are on and on with whatever you have to say, which is usually a common mistake that guys do.

Let her go on with her story, and listen to everything she is enthusiastic about revealing. She likes it when you pay your attention, and when you are interested in listening to her stuff.

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Now, at such point, there comes a difference between being only a good listener, and being a good and active listener. Yes, you too are in the conversation, do you remember? Hence, you need to put into a little of your opinion too, and most importantly a ‘WHY' to things she is revealing about. It's a very simple technique, not only to make her even more interested in the conversation, but also to get a sneak peak easily inside her mind.

Finally, when the conversation gets over, it might surprise you that she would be really happy talking to you, where you did most of the listening and she was into talking. Funny, isn't it?

Using Your Sense of Humor

That is the most efficient way to flavor your conversation with her, with something she would really like. One of the many qualities, women are allured-to in men, is a good sense of humor. Hence, when you try to bring in some fun at times in the conversation, it lightens her mood, and makes her even more comfortable and easy with you.

Escalating Beyond the Usual Talk

There is nothing special, if she has been discussing the same things with you that she does with any other guy. Hence, if you wish to build up some real chemistry between you both, then you need to escalate your discussion beyond the usual stuffs like ‘likes' and ‘dislikes'.

As a matter of fact, talking about ‘taboo' subjects that she is comfortable with can be a great idea for what you want.

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