Wrong Place To Date May Change Your Fate

You must be on cloud nine, as your girl has finally agreed to come over a date. The next question is where to take her? Well, to make your date pleasant and memorable you have to choose the place carefully. Taking your girl to a wrong place is sure to spoil the entire day and also your future chances with her.

So, thinking where to go? Before that check out the places to avoid on your first date, this may give you a fair idea before deciding the location.

Your first few dates must be carefully chosen. You and the girl are just getting along and not involved in any serious relationships. Here the place plays a big role. It should give you both ample time & opportunity to understand each other well, but also gives the flexibility. The ambience should be conducive for a constructive conversation.

Family get-togethers

This place is a big no-no. This is your first date and you need to get to know about each other. Sitting with the family and talking to the girl will be quite odd. Family weddings are the worst place. You may attract giggles, looks and stares constantly. You cannot avoid those naughty and meaningful gestures from your friends and family.


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Movie halls were a good option long ago, but nowadays not a good idea. The reason is you both will go and sit in the hall with popcorns and watch the movie for 2 – 3 hours. If at all you try to talk, it will disturb other serious watchers attracting irritated glances. And once you are out of the movie, you both will have the movie as the discussion topic and finally you will end up doing a review of that movie.

Friend's place

If you choose your friend's place for your first date, you will have a great time. However, with your friend around, your date may not feel free to open up. Even if the girl was thinking about getting into a relationship, after this she may change her mind.


Nightclubs are not a place for the first date. Pubs will have lots of men looking out for girls to just hang out and also noise are above the limits. You will have to constantly protect your girl and if you have to talk, you have to literally shout. A candid conversation is impossible!


Yes, restaurants were considered a good place to date, but not now, it is an old-fashioned idea. Going to a restaurant, ordering food and glued to the seat for 2 – 3 hours on a first date is definitely not a good plan. You can't eat properly, you can't talk to her with food in your mouth, and you can't be yourself.


After reading all this, you may think about taking your girl in the car for a drive, roam around, talk and come back. However, this gives a wrong impression to the girl and she may feel that you are un-interested.

Plan your date in a proper way because the place you select for the first date may change your fate.

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