Understanding Where Men Go Wrong While Approaching Women For Dating

Girls have their own tastes in men, and most of them desire handsome and confident boyfriends or husbands. Not only do they want their partners to be good talkers, they also want them to be good listeners as well. Most importantly, they would want their boys to be themselves, and not try to be something that they are not.

Of course, they also expect them to have fun and share loads of laughter with them. If you want to impress your girl, then dress up nice for the dates. Try to understand what your girl loves about you, and try to accentuate it in your personal style statement.

Keep it simple is the mantra for success:

Don't express your opinion about how serious or casual you are about dating your partner. It is better to not discuss anything too personal, unless you know what the other person is thinking.

It could hurt your partner and be a complete turn off. If you are not ready for a relationship, it is better that you do not get too close to your date. However, if you are looking for a soul mate, pay attention to what she has to say, listen to her, learn more about her, and analyze her reactions on various situations.

What to talk about?

Discussing your past relationships is highly not recommended with your date on the first meeting. It mainly gives a wrong impression, and unfair judgments can be made by the other person. What you really need to talk about is about things that you like, and about the common interests that you share.

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Make her feel special:

Everyone loves surprises. Thus, it is suggested that you never go empty handed. Give her a bouquet of beautiful flowers or a box of chocolates. This will make her feel special. The idea here is not to impress her by giving expensive gifts, but expressing your happiness of meeting her. You could take her for dinner at a peaceful restaurant. This will give you an opportunity to know each other much better.

Follow up:

Once you are back home after the date, you could call or text her. This shows that you are interested, and would like to stay in touch. Moreover, women usually do not make the first move. They expect their men to make them feel wanted.

The first few texts should be short and to the point. This will make you a pursuer, rather than somebody who is too desperate. When you call her, make sure that you are the only one talking. Also, avoid overdoing it, as she might start avoiding you. Keep the charm alive by keeping your conversations short and sweet.

Public display of affection:

It is best that you don't indulge in PDA (Public Display of Affection), especially on social sites like FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. In order to gain her attention, you need not keep updating pictures, tagging her, commenting on her statuses, and so on. This might just irritate her, as you'll are invading her privacy. Give her some space, and enjoy yours too.

Let the relationship build slowly:

Once you are in a seriously relationship, it is suggested that you do not hang around her 24x7. Take your time and let the relationship build slowly. Last, but not the least, try to be honest. Lying is not the way to her heart.

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