Make Her Worship Your Body, Mind And Soul—No Spell Needed

To hell with the diddly squat you may have learned from peers at school for female seduction. It's time now to be a man and bring that Goddess to her knees, literally if you may please. Men worship her as a Goddess, a diva of fantasy and one whom they cannot live without. Should that be your case, we say NO!!

You don't have to be one of those men, who cannot get what he wants. There are ways for you to enjoy dating the most stunning and titillating women around. So if you are ready to put the bell on the wild cats in town, read on and learn more.

It is not only an art

Seduction isn't only an art or a game to win it rather is a matter of winning someone's heart. If you capture her mind and heart, you then have her body and soul. But there are certain strategies and rules to play with, very carefully.

  • You need to be her desire

Women love men with a tough of passion in their eyes and those who take charge, but her sexual needs to be sensitively looked into. Tease her by flaunting certain physical aspects on you, they love the visual naughtiness. While doing so remember not to show off, or else she will lose interest.

  • Make her feel special

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Do this by showing her how much you are into her. Women love men being demonstrative with their feelings towards them, in bed or otherwise. In short, get her seduced by your words, actions and gestures.

  • Manage your tone well

The lighter the conversation when together or making love, the better. We don't need to emphasize on this anymore.

  • Talk less about

Men shouldn't yap and yak a lot, especially not about their achievements and scoring sessions. Please never talk about your ex's and worse still make comparisons with the current one. Don't complain and nag about your job, or health and family issues. Don't tell her she looks fat, never ever.

  • Dirty talk does the trick

Get a little dirty with your talks now and then, see how she takes it. Make her moist with those words and actions too. If the signs are positive, go right ahead but don't overdo it.

Be the alpha male!

Let her feel what you are made of, physically and mentally. Don't give too much of yourself in the first few meet, you should be a jigsaw puzzle to finish. At all times, be the alpha male sans insecurity and jealously being shown. When you do meet her male and female friends, be cordial and friendly with all of them.

When you lay her, you don't own her and that means stop being so complacent towards her. She wants to be playful as a kitten, be the lion to lead and show her the way. Control your urge to give too much or else she wouldn't want to see you the next time, forget being hooked to you.

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