Different Ways To Approach Women For A Date

Deciding where to meet their girl could be anxious moments for men, especially when they are going on a date for the fist time. In such situations, you can ask your date where she would like to go. This way, you put the ball in her court, so that you know you are not taking her out to a place where is not comfortable.

Women usually do not like men who are boastful. There are many men, although shy are able to fulfill their wishes, and still have a charming time with their lady love.

The first step:

  • If you meet her in a pub or a coffee shop and like to have a conversation, make eye contact, smile a little and raise your cup. It is a sign of saying ‘hello'.
  • If you are feeling uneasy to meet her alone, you can ask your friends to come along.
  • You can call her, and after exchanging a few pleasant words, you can ask her out. You can easily shed off any nervousness and have a good rapport with her. Even if you get negative answer, you don't have to face her directly.
  • While complimenting her, say a few words. Never elaborate it to an extent that she starts doubting that you are just flattering and do not seriously mean it.
  • Let her speak and listen intently. Girls like when men hear them interestingly. Remember that a girl is totally impressed, if the guy gladly listens to her blabbering.
  • Take a special attention to her even when you are in a crowd.

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Some don'ts:

Most of the men usually fear rejection and hence do not find enough courage to speak their thoughts. They prefer text messaging their lady love. However, it is not a good idea, as it seems totally impersonal. Act with confidence, otherwise you will be considered a fool and not mature enough to have a pleasurable evening with your lady.

Do not speak only about yourself while you are getting acquainted with her. Don't stammer, move quickly to the next step without any hesitation. Ignore any distractions like phone calls while dating as it looks a bit uncivilized, to make her wait till you finish your long call.

How to please women before asking to spend time with you?

During the introduction round always make an eye contact. It is natural for your eyes to gaze at the perfect figure of the lady, but it is a weird thing to do. Have a well maintained profile before asking for a date as women do not like untidy men. First judgment is always done on the basis of appearance.

Be courteous, as simple manners show that you are a gentleman and respect ladies. While in the company of her other friends, take special care to talk with them too, as girls prefer their boyfriend to be a charmer and socially accepted man. With your impressive character you will win over your woman in no time.

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