Don't Just Be A Nice Person But Be Strong And Assertive To Get A Perfect Date

Dating is something wherein a man and woman meet to know more about each other and to spend some quality time. However, some men do not get it, and they pretend to be much stronger and powerful than their date. This quality makes them look rude and arrogant. Such men are categorized as the “bad boy” types.

Although women tend to get attracted to such dominating men, but the relationship does not last long. The “bad boy” image does not provide the needed assurance in a relationship and women gradually get tired of the inconsiderate, rude, and selfish nature of such men.

Be strong and assertive

However, this does not mean that if you are too sweet and soft, you have better chances of getting a woman attracted towards you. In fact, women do not like being with men who are not good decision makers.

You can be a nice person but it's more important to have the qualities of being strong and assertive. Girls like to hang out with “bad boys” but this is also true that no woman would like to be treated rudely, which is often the case with “bad boys”. So they would rather opt for nice guys.

Therefore, don't be too nice, but have a strong and confident personality and at the same time be a little naughty too. This way you stand a better chance of attracting girls.

Be confident but not over confident

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Men with strong, confident personality and qualities have always attracted women but getting along with such men for a long time might become difficult and the relationship ends. Men are always at their best during the initial dating time, and thus they can seduce women easily.

However, with time the relationship between the two of them becomes more open and comfortable. The boy starts taking the girl for granted and becomes more aggressive and rude towards her. No woman would want to be treated harshly and this rude and arrogant nature of the guy forces her to come out of such a relationship.

You will not be able to sustain a relationship with woman if you are too confident and strong but at the same time refrain from being submissive and wimpy. Being nice to the girl doesn't mean you have to give up your confidence. Rather be kind and respectful towards her.

Be nice and run the show

Men who are both nice and sweet, but at the same time are also strong and assertive know precisely how to handle any situation. Women want such guys in their life. Guys who are wimpy can be sweet and sensitive but it does not attract any woman.

There are many ways to show your girl that you have the confidence of running the show but also respect her feelings and treat her the best possible way. Be assertive while dating like take decisions of choosing the place to dine with your girlfriend. Be nice to her and open the door for her, pull a chair for her but it is always advised not to order food for her. In fact, ask her preference and she would be most delighted to see your etiquettes.

Whatever may be your nature, it is always good to be genuine and portray your originality. No relationship can survive and have a good future if it is based on fakeness.

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