How To Get A Phone Number Of The Girl At Workplace Whom You Want To Date?

No matter how strong or macho you are, you will always have sweat bullets when you approach a girl for the first time with the intention of dating her. For average men, the most difficult moment can be asking a girl for her phone number at a workplace. She might be your co-worker or working at a place where you visit frequently.

Although it appears difficult, one can't just sit back and wait till the things transpire. Approaching a girl at workplace and getting her phone number successfully can be a bit stressful, but if she is interested in you, then it's not a challenging task.

Unless you guys make the first move, things will not move ahead. For proposing her to be your date, you need to let her know that you exist. Until she says “no” to your proposal, consider it to be a positive thing. There is always a chance that she will say yes.

Dating at workplace

There can be two options regarding workplace, either the girl is sharing the same workplace or she is working at some other place. With regard to the former option, the situation can take a bad shape in future as you might fall in some awkward situation, if she says no to you.

Moreover, many organizations have strict rules against dating at workplace. So, if you try to date a co-worker, chances are that you might lose your job. However, let's not be so pessimistic. There are also chances that everything ends up well so you can always give it a try, in spite of the potential risks.

If she is working at some other place where you visit frequently like your favorite hotel, restaurant then you can always ask her out.

Just ensure you follow some rules like:

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  • Select proper timing before approaching her
  • Therefore, avoid the peak hours when she is extremely busy with her work
  • Make sure that you approach her only when she's alone and not when there are too many people around.

Strike that note and establish connection

Approaching a girl and asking for her phone number directly might not yield good results, even if she is alone with you. So, the best would be to strike that note first and establish a connection so that she finds you interesting before you ask her out on a date

Start flirting with her lightly and smile at her whenever she sees you. Maintain the eye contact, as it will make the whole atmosphere light and cheerful. There are more chances that the girl is quite well interested in you and might want to go out with you.

Don't lose heart

If the girl is interested in you, she will not waste a single moment to give her phone number to you, but there are possibilities that she might refuse politely. There's no reason to lose heart in such a situation, as you can always try some other time. If she repeatedly keeps refusing then it's an indication that she is perhaps not interested in you.

Dating is all about meeting people and having fun. So, if you are not able to strike with one woman, keep in mind that there are many out there with whom you will have a much better connection.

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