Confidently Attract Women With Proper Eye Contact

There are hundreds of men who are alone, and one of the reasons for this is their failure to date women. This could be due to lack of confidence or improper eye contact. Most of the men know this, but their nervousness overpowers them while in front of their women. In order to impress your ladylove, you could bear in mind the following facts

How to build Self Confidence?

You would have seen some people walking around with their head down. They look unhappy, defeated and beaten, which is not attractive to anybody! If you are looking forward to attract a woman, then show some confidence.

  • Walk with your head up, which shows that you are proud and confident about yourself.
  • Do not be arrogant.
  • Maintain eye contact with her.
  • Watch how other confident people are walking and try to mimic them.
  • When you meet her, remember one thing, a confident smile.
  • Say “hey” while introducing yourself, with a confident handshake.
  • If you are standing with her, stand straight and do not move too much.
  • Makes things interesting when you are with her.
  • Choose a place where you can comfortably make an eye contact with her.
  • Have decent but positive physical contact.
  • Make foolproof dating plans, to avoid any problem that can lower your self-esteem.

You can also rehearse things at home such as pulling chairs or introducing yourself. This will increase your confidence level. Moreover, respect and believe in yourself.

How to make proper eye contact?

It is truly said that ‘eyes are windows to the soul.' Words are unnecessary when eyes speak. The longer the eye contact the stronger is the attraction. Be sure, you do not start staring. Eye contact is positive while staring is negative. Follow these tips to build a proper eye contact.

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  • Look at her coyly.
  • Understand the difference between gazing and staring.
  • Lean back as you make eye contact.
  • When you break your gaze, look sideways instead of looking down.
  • Wear a cute smile while gazing and after breaking the gaze.
  • Make more eye contact when you speak than when you listen.

Always remember the amount of eye contact needed. Practice it by yourself in front of the mirror and become an expert in this.

Interpreting eye contacts

Whenever you look at any woman, she will generally look away, whether she is interested or not. However, her way of averting the gaze can tell you a lot about what she wants.

  • If she starts looking down and then at you in less than 50 seconds, she is definitely interested.
  • If she looks away flat, she is herself and is not sure about her interest in you. Smile and gaze again to see her reaction.
  • If she averts her sight by looking up, she is not at all interested.

Once you determine the eye contact, you can take the next step.


Your eye contact is a symbol of your confidence. A good eye contact shows your self-confidence.

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