How To Stay Just Friends With Someone Who Is Into You

The most gauche movement in any friendship is when one starts thinking about the other as more than just friends. The easeful relation becomes too stressed. If you too are going through the similar kind of situation, then read on and learn how to continue being friends and not hurt the other person.

Maintain a little distance

You might have had a great time with your friend, but sometimes your feelings could be mistaken. Until you want this friend to think you are into him or her, do not pay too much attention, especially when you are with your other buddies.

  • By paying equal attention to all the other friends, the one who has feeling for you will get a clear message that he or she means just friends to you, and nothing more.
  • Try to have healthy conversation with the opposite sex in your group, especially in their presence.
  • Show them how you feel about them and treat them just one among the other pals in your group.
  • Also, if their jealousy annoys you, show or talk it out.

If things are getting out of your hands, show them that you are not interested in them. You could openly deny meeting them, refuse to answer their calls or reply to the text messages. Being nice or pitying them only means, you are encouraging them.

Hint your pal

Occasionally, keep hinting your buddy that you can be nothing more than just friends.

  • The next time when you have a tête-à-tête with them, remind them about how great a close friend he or she is to you.
  • At any point in your conversation, let them know that you are so happy with them.
  • Be straightforward and tell them how glad you are to have such good friends in your life and how you would never want this relationship to change.

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Once they hear this, there is a good chance that they will back off. If hints do not work, speak out.

Share your future partner ideas

Let them know what you are looking for in your future partner.

  • If they ever ask you what kind of a person you would like to go out with, then you tell them the exact kind of person want to spend your entire life with.
  • However, without hurting their feelings or being too direct about it, add a few traits that they do not have.
  • If they are short, tell them you like tall people.
  • If they are muscular, tell them you like lean people.

Sometimes, a person may be so obsessed by you that in between your compliments, they fail to understand the subtle hints you keep giving them. All you need to do is decide once for all and let your friend know his or her limits.

By following the above tips, you are sure to find a true friend with whom you can share a long lasting relationship. Remember, hurting the other person is not the way out of this situation, as it could break them completely.

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