4 Return Call Dating Codes That Display Courtesy

Dating world is changing dramatically. You must have noticed that less people are obeying the traditional dating rules. The archaic guidelines that have passed down from generations are evolving. However, there are still some people, who ignore their dating life. If they treated their dating life like their business life, they would likely be the most successful dater. They understand that if they handle customer calls promptly, it brings more business. Similar skills must be used in dating situations.

Technology has made it easy, instead of waiting for two to three days to contact, the new rule is to text, email or call instantly. Honesty and enthusiasm to make effort is regarded as smart traits for both male and female, so ignore rules of waiting for one of them to move first.

4 Return Call Codes to follow in several dating situations

Answer the call promptly – You have a new date and exchanged your contact numbers. If that someone calls you within a day, it is wise to return the call within 24 hours. Waiting for three days to return the call is not wise in this digital communication world.

Delay caused in returning a call message seems rude. Even in case you are busy, let the person know about it without waiting. You can request them to call after some days, when your tight schedule calms down.

Perfectly fine to reply right back – If the person calls within a day, you do not have to wait for 24 hours. It is perfectly ok to answer on the same day. This will signify that

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  • You have manners
  • You are attentive towards small details
  • You value other person's time for making a call

Remember when the other person is calling, they spend some time from their busy schedule to communicate with you. Many people feel that ‘so what, if they called' but it is actually an action of courtesy to return the call as soon as possible.

If they delay, you too can holdup – You might have given your mobile number to someone, who still follows the old rules and he/she may call you after four to five days. In this situation, even you are entitled to holdup your return calls to that person for four to five days.

Waiting for some days means the person is not interested because there is no prompt call back. Debating whether to call or not for 4 to 5 days indicates that the person is not concerned in moving further.

You cannot influence someone to like you – There is no strategy in returning phone calls. You get troubled with questions like –

  • Should I return the call?
  • Should I seem unavailable?
  • If I return the call instantly will I look desperate?

Playing games with someone's feeling will certainly not give a good impression about you. It will actually increase their interest, but worsen their beliefs and make them think that you are uninterested and rude.

Handling dating calls just like your business calls displays good manners. Remember delaying can just make it worse. So, return the call promptly!

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