Do You Wish To Be Around Her For Long, Well Impress Her Board Room First

You have finally met someone special, and are quite serious about the relationship. Impressing her and winning her heart was not an easy task at all, but you succeeded in doing so. Have you ever thought about how you are going to keep the “Board room” happy. Confused with the word board room? The term refers to people who are always close to your lady love.

Unlike men, women have lots of friends. They have girl and boy friends, which are very close to her. The members of board room are parents, brothers, cousins, and sister.

Her best female friend:

You might have to impress her friend till end. Apart from being close to your lady, she is also someone who loves her a lot and wants her to be happy from the bottom of her heart. If you are just beginning your relationship, make sure that you create the right impression in front of her.

As much possible don't involve into any argument with her or insult her in any ways. She is very important and you cannot afford to annoy her at all. Her review and feeling for you matters a lot to your lady. If she does not like you, then there are very little chances for your relationship to last long.

Her close male friend:

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This guy is for now the closest male to your lady. She respects him a lot and listens to what he says. Right now he won't be much comfortable with the idea of you entering into her world.

He might not show his disapproval towards you, and might want to check in different ways. It is necessary that you don't fake things and be confident as much as possible.

He is too smart and will understand your intentions clearly. Thus, make sure you do not make him angry nor sound stupid in front of him. Use your brains in front of him and if needed against him wisely.

Family members:

Now, review of family members for you depends only if she is enough close to them. First try to find out if she is quite close to her family. To impress her family members, it is important that you sound a little more sophisticated than what you actually are.

Organize your meeting with her family members, as it will help you in creating the right impression in front of them. One more way of impressing them is make them feel that you are a little more serious about your love than anyone else. After all, parents want the best for their daughter.

Casual friends of hers:

She must be having a lot of friends. It is not necessary that all of them should like you but at least most of them should. Be prepared that some of them will tell her your negatives but make sure not all of them just discuss about your darker side.

Last but not the least, the best way to impress this board room is by behaving normal. Don't do things that will make you sound too childish or may be too intellect to handle. People like smart men, but not dominating ones. Mind your attitude and try to be yourself.

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