Don't Keep Unrealistic Expectations While Dating Her And You Won't Get Hurt

From merely expecting a phone call to even her commitment for the lifetime, expectations while dating can greatly invade your thoughts and ideas at every turn. Besides, you also cannot control as what she expects from you. Hence, here are a few ideas to keep your expectations realistic while dating her, and to avoid any kind of heartache.

Do You Both Want The Same Thing Or Have Different Motives For Dating?

Ok, so why do you want to date a girl? Are you looking for a lifetime partner, or are you just bored and want some excitement in life this way? Hold on, or is it just because you want to practice your social skills? Whatever it is, try to figure it out. You significantly need to know the reason or reasons as why do you want to date a girl. Equally, it is important to know about her motives too.

It will greatly help both of you in avoiding those unrealistic dating-expectations from dating. You might be quite casual about dating her, and might not be ready to give her a lifetime commitment. However, if she is dating you because she thinks that you are the only one meant for her, things could go quite complex and unwanted in the end. Hence, it is always advisable to figure out as what are the motives for dating, on both sides. Well and good, if it is the same, let her know as soon as possible, if those are different.

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Being Open And Frank In Communication

Ok, so how would you know about her intentions for dating? Well, sensible interactions, knowing about her thoughts and ideas and her perception towards a relationship, can be of great help. These can quite clearly reveal you, as what is on her mind in this context, and whether or not she is the perfect one for you. However, such an approach can be misleading at times. You might get it in the wrong way, but she might have wished to express something else through her hints.

Hence, the best idea is to just prefer an open and frank communication in this context. You need not ever assume things. Instead, you just need to communicate, let each other know about your intentions. It is completely ok, to say NO if she is not your type. However, you need to do all these before it is too late and after it is too early to communicate such things.

Above All, Always Keeping Your Expectations Low To Avoid Any Kind Of Heartache

Now, this is an incredible and the most effective way to avoid any kind of heartaches while dating her. Of course, this only comes into picture once you both know that you guys have same intentions for dating. Once you know that, you may always keep your expectations low from her.

Then, whenever she comes up with something special or great for you, you would simply be more than glad. However, if she fails to do something as such, at least you are not hurt, as you never expected it.

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