Can You Tell When A Girl Is Attracted To You?

The most burning question in your mind when you are dating a girl would be whether she is attracted to you or not. The more you are attracted to the girl, the more important this question becomes for you. How can you ascertain the truth?

Read The Tell-Tale Signs And Interpret Them Right

People communicate in many, many ways other than words. Their eyes talk, their body-movements talk, the way they move, the way they respond to you - everything says something.

You need to learn to read these signs and then you would get all your answers. If she is attracted to you, you would find one or more of these signs definitely:

Happy to hear from you - when you call or drop by, she would be happy to see/ talk with you.

Her happiness would be obvious from the way she speak (if it is a phone call) or the way she behaves towards you - smiling, calls you in, she is ready to put everything she is doing on hold to talk with you.

She touches you - when you are together she touches you with small non-sexual gestures. She might hold your fingers when she gives you a napkin, or touch your arm softly while she is talking. Touching is a gesture of acceptance and attraction (to you).

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She wants to know you - she asks you about your past, your likes and dislikes and listens attentively to what you are saying. She makes a note about your birthday and generally wants to know all about you.

This shows that she wants to feel familiar with you. She wants to be part of your life.

She leans towards you while talking - when a girl is attracted to you, she will lean towards you while talking. She will want to be as close to you as possible without a conscious effort.

She will touch up her hair and face - inadvertently she will touch up her hair and/ or face. This will show that she wants to look best for you; she cares about how she looks because she cares about what you would think about it.

Her eyes are flirtatious - she might be making whatever discussion, but her eyes would be flirting with you. This would be a light flirtation in the way she looks at you which would tease you pleasantly.

She does not like you paying attention to any other good looking woman - watch her reaction when you speak or look at other very attractive women.

If she looks irritated when you do so - she is showing signs of possessiveness. This means that she wants you all for herself.

She dances close to you - when you dance, she does not shy away from being as close to you as possible. If the girl is attracted to you, she will love the opportunity to actually makes this body contact and you will feel comfortable with it.

Warning - this is not an invitation for sex - so do not blow it by reading it wrong. This only means that she likes you a lot. 

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