How To Pick Up Women - Using Rejection To Pave The Way To True Success

Rejection is something everyone has to face no matter from what society strata you are coming from or what background. This is because nothing can guarantee absolute success - to no one.

You could be the best looking guy on earth, you could be the richest, you could be the wittiest or all the three in one - and still you would have to face rejection sometimes in life.

What Is Rejection?

Rejection is nothing but a mismatch between your and the other person's expectations. In order for any relationship to click - the expectations both sides should match.

Most of the times, it is not. You might not be just the right guy in the eyes of the person you are planning to court and she turns you down.

There are many reasons for rejection but they all mean the same thing - NO. Now a wise person knows and is always prepared for a 'No' when they ask a question.

There is no way all the questions you ask would get a 'Yes' and hence, the wise person would also be prepared mentally for that 'No'.

How To Succeed In Spite Of Rejection?

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You can conquer rejection only in one way - by accepting it. People who think that they should get only 'Yes' are not only illogical but also in for a lot of heartache. Let us revise here, why are you in this "market" in the first place.

You are here to get a life partner which starts with picking up a woman. Now, let us suppose she turns you down - once, twice, thrice. What do you think it s logically best for you to do?

Pursue this woman and change her mind for her - when she is very obviously not interested in you - and probably marry her (success!) and then end in divorce?

Or, accept the facts that she does not really find you her cup of tea (which means absolutely nothing - other than that the chemistry does not match) and move on.

The moment you decide to move on, you have conquered rejection and you are moving towards success. Because success would lie with a woman who feels the same as you do - and wishes to further explore that possibility by accepting your invitation to go out.

Many people hang on to rejection, instead. Either trying harder and harder to get the woman who rejected them accept them - which is not worth the trouble or they take it as a personal affront and stop picking up women altogether.

Either way of handling rejection is wrong. You want to rise above it - you accept it. Rejection is after all part of life. It only tell you to move on - nothing else.

They say, there is someone made for everyone - and that each person has been ordained with soul mate. What chances are there that you would find that soul mate at your first go? Small, right? Exactly.

Treat rejection in the right perception - with every 'no' you get you are one step less away from your soul mate. Do not get stuck with the 'wrong number' - move on to find your intended mate. 

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