Succeed At Dating - Approaching Women

Success at dating - who does not want that? Unattached men and women all over the world have only one goal - how to succeed at dating.

For all the hoo-ha involved in this, it actually boils down to one thing - i.e. presenting yourself in such a manner that you are accepted by the woman you are approaching.

What Does It Take?

Not all those that you date are the right persons for you and that would become obvious after you go out with that woman for a couple of time or so. And for that your invitation for a date should be accepted.

Though it looks like a tough thing - it is actually no big deal. You are asking a woman to spend some time with you - she accepts the invitation - great; check out whether you are matching.

She rejects the invitation - great; move on to the next woman that you fancy. Keep in mind that you may meet with rejection and that rejection is all in the game.

Once you have internalized that well, you would be great at approaching women because the only thing that stops men from trying is the fear of rejection which is actually so silly.

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Why should one be afraid to hear 'no' from anyone? Where it is written that everybody should like you? How can that ever be logical?

Once you understand that and are prepared to hear 'no' - you are a master in the game. Because only after you loose that fear you would be able to act confident and adopt the best approach there is - and you have thence better chances to succeed.

Approaching Women

You are now as confident as one can be and are prepared to hear 'no' and accept it. Great! Let us move on to the next step - how to approach women in such a way as to maximize your chances of getting an 'yes' answer.

The direct approach - just walk up to the woman, introduce yourself and ask to join you for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine - whatever you are having handy. Most women love he direct approach and would be likely to answer with a 'yes'.

The indirect approaches - make eye contact with her and look away. Return after a while and make eye contact again. Make it obvious that you are interested in her and that your eyes are following her all over the place.

If she likes you, you will catch her looking at you as well. Your eyes will meet and you will feel the confirmation in her eyes. When you are sure that all the signs are there - go to her and ask her out.

The other approach - the other approach is to make yourself irresistible to her. If she is in group, join the group and he discussion and by and by move towards her asking her out.

If you meet in a singles bar, buy her a drink and say hello. Start with general information and try to make her laugh. When you think that she is relaxed enough in your presence, pop the question. Nine out of ten cases, she would accept. 

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