The 10 Commandments Of Dating

First commandment- Do Not Loose faith. Nothing in dating is certain and not every person you ask out will be receptive.

Second Commandment- Do not move to fast. You need to take the time to get to know the other person. Don't try to move to fast in the relationship as this will scare the other person away.

Third Commandment- Stay clear of Ex's. Many people make the mistake of trying to remain friends with someone the used to date. This will cause animosity with the person you ARE dating as the chance of you and your ex getting together is too strong.

Fourth Commandment- Don't give up on yourself. Many people let themselves go when they get comfortable in a relationship and then you see the extra pounds coming on as well as the sharp dressing and manners fall to the wayside.

Fifth Commandment- don't talk about other members of the opposite sex. There is nothing more aggravating then to sit and listen to your partner talk about the guy she met at the office or the waitress he seen at lunch.

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Sixth Commandment- Compliment your partner. Compliments go along way. Don't over do it but be sure to tell your partner that you appreciate him or her and tell them something positive daily.

Seventh Commandment- Do not lead people on. If you are not really interested in the person then do not lead them to believe that you are. Don't tell them that you will call when you know you have no intention of doing so. You owe it to that person to be honest. If the chemistry is not there then its not there.

Eighth Commandment- Don't act to excited. IF you act to eager in a new relationship you can run off the other person. You will seem that you are too desperate and want to attach to quickly.

Ninth Commandment- Do not put your partner out of reach. Some people make the sad mistake of putting the other person on a pedestal men are especially guilty of this. They need to keep in mind that when you see someone you need to see all of them and that includes their faults as well. You have to take the good with the bad and it will all even out.

Tenth Commandment- Let the past be the past. Don't dredge up your past experiences and partners as it will seem either like you miss those times or you are comparing your partner to the others that came before him or her.

Everyone should follow the commandments of relationships to help ensure a long, healthy and happy relationship. The commandments will help you keep things where they need to be and will help you be a better person in the relationship.

They will help you to not go overboard and totally ruin the relationship and they will help keep you sound. They can also help you to understand when things go wrong. When in doubt, look to your heart for the answers. 

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