What To Do During Your Date

A lot has been written about what to do before and after your dates but what about during your date? Dating is hard enough, why make it harder than it needs to be, right?

So here's a quick refresher on what to do during your date. It's sure to make your dating life less stressful and more enjoyable. And isn't that what it's all about?

So here's what to do during your date: leave a number of where you'll be with friends; remember your cell phone manners; avoid messy dishes; and be prepared for anything -- well, as much as you can, anyway.

Leave a number

When you're dating, it is important to leave a telephone number. It just makes good sense when you are going out on a date.

This way, heaven forbid there is any kind of emergency, your roommate or your friends or whomever can reach you if needed.

In most cases, this will be your cell phone number but if you don't have your cell phone, just leave the number of the restaurant or movie theatre or wherever you are going to be.

Remember your cell phone manners

Speaking of cell phones, one of the great pieces of dating advice is to remember your cell phone manners.

You don't need to turn off your cell phone (what if someone is trying to reach you in an emergency) but you should at least put it on vibrate or silent; that way, you can check it as needed without being disruptive.

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Also, even if you are dating someone, it's rude to talk on the cell phone at the table and during meals.

Be polite and remember your dating etiquette; head outside into a vestibule if you must take or make a phone call. Speak quietly and briefly to be sure you are not leaving your date in the lurch.

Avoid messy dishes

Another piece of good dating advice is to avoid messy dishes if you are going out to eat. Skip things like spaghetti and sauce or other dishes that might end up on your shirt or your pants.

Eating messy dishes while eating and dating will keep you focused on your meals and not dating. Wouldn't you rather pay attention to your date? Exactly.

Be prepared

And lastly, another good piece of dating advice to keep in mind while you're on a date is to be prepared. Keep your cell phone charged and ready in case you need it.

Have some extra cash on hand if you need cab fare. Keep a comb, lipstick, and dental floss in your purse, along with breath mints and such.

As you can see, there are lots of things to remember to keep in mind while you are dating.

These little bits of advice are mostly common sense but it is easy to forget common sense when you are excited or agitated or nervous.

Well, this way, you don't have to worry; you can focus on your date and not necessarily dating. 

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