When Is It Time To Stop Dating?

Dating is only natural. After all, adults pairing up is just the way it goes. It's biology, it's romance, it's destiny. But what happens when dating reaches it's natural end?

Because you know it's going to, right? For most people, the goal of dating is meeting that one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

However, what some people forget is how important it is to keep dating. Not new people, silly, but each other.

When you have taken your dating relationship to the next level and gotten married, that doesn't mean that you don't still need that romance and closeness. Your dating relationship just changes.

When you meet the right person

When you meet the right person when you are dating, it make take a bit of time before you realize it or maybe you both will be one of those very fortunate couples who knows right away, early in their dating relationship, that this is the one that is for keeps.

When you find this person though, you will know that it's time to stop dating and get married.

Pop the question

When you are ready to move on from dating and ask your girlfriend to marry you, you are taking a big step. It means no more dating, right?

From this point on, your fiancée and then spouse will be the only person you are romantically involved with (at least, that's the way it is supposed to work…).

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Taking this step from dating to marriage can make you apprehensive but as long as you keep in mind that this is the natural evolution of a relationship, you'll be fine and you won't likely feel quite as overwhelmed.

After all, when you think about it, this is the moment that all of your dating life has been leading up to.

Never really finish dating

Of course, now that you are getting engaged, you're thinking that your dating life is over. And your dating life is, in its current form.

But to have a great and long lasting relationship, one that you both find mutually fulfilling for years to come, you might want to reconsider dating while you are married.

When you are married, you can still be dating -- only you'll be dating each other. Keeping the dating aspect of your romantic relationship alive is important.

It will help you stay close during all kinds of rough spots and trials over the course of your relationship. It's just the nature of your dating that changes.

It may take more planning (think babysitters for the kids, arranging work schedules, etc.) but it is still so worth it.

When you're dating, you can take this time to devote to each other, without distraction, and rekindle your relationship and keep it fresh.

As you can see, the natural evolution of dating means eventually you are likely to get married. But don't let this end your dating relationship with your spouse.

Dating can be a great way to keep the relationship going and keep the two of you feeling close through the years. 

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