Is Single A Dirty Word?

In this life there seems to be a certain level of presence that dictates the way that we feel about dating. We are told from the earliest point possible that we should be out there finding some one that will bring us the happiness that we deserve.

This is normally based on our parents belief system of happiness. However, there are many people out there that have just not found what they are looking for and most often it is not for a lack of trying.

As a whole it is really because of the fact that they are not ready to settle down and find that one true person for them. But is there something wrong with that?

Many people believe that is the case. They think that a person that is single and over thirty is being way to picky about the crop of single people out there. That is where people start to offer advice and so on and that is not the way things are for the most part.

They should just mind their business. If you are single and still looking then you are fine. There is nothing that states that you have to get married by a certain time or even have a steady partner for that matter.

In truth you are the one that should make that decision. So we are going to look at this situation and make some judgments.

Ready when you are

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Often times a person that is older is going to have a lot of people pushing them to get out there and find that one person. Well that is not the way things should be.

You are not the kind of person that is going to be pushed into anything and that is the exact reason why you are still single to this day.

You need to learn to let nature take its course. Other people in this world are not the best judge of the kind of person that you should be with. Most likely you have a person in mind even if that person has yet to be met.

But you are not willing to settle for any thing less then the bare essentials that you have set down.

Do no settle for some thing that is not right for you because you are being pressured. That is the case and point that has to be followed. When you are ready then you will know. It is not all that difficult to see that a person is right for you when you are out on a date with them over all.

Stop the Insanity

The best idea that you can have is to stop the insanity and just date for your self. Turn the people of the world down that are trying to set you up. Most often the blind date is nothing more than a terrible disaster. That is why you have to learn to avoid such things and move on with your life.

All in all there is nothing wrong with being single. There are many people out there that are just plain happy with being single. With the time comes and that one person comes along then and only then will they entertain the idea of settling down. 

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