Make Her Fall for You Again

Are you in a relationship that has fallen into the trap of being predictable? Does she come to bed every night in an old night gown instead of frilly lace? Are you having sex less and less? Do you barely talk?

Well it is time to shake things up a bit. Think that sounds too hard? Actually, it can be really fun. Here are some tips to spice up your relationship and make her fall for you all over again.


When you first met you flirted and whispered sweet nothings. It was fun and sexy, but now you don't bother because you've got her, right?

Most relationships fall into this kind of trap. Flirting is a simple way to make the woman in your life feel wanted, attractive, loved…and quite possibly horny.

Try some of these:

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  1. Give her a light pat on the bottom while she's loading the dishwasher and whistle.
  2. When she's wearing a bathing suit say something like, "This is a hundred times better than Playboy."
  3. Wink at her from across the room at parties, or just from across the kitchen table.
  4. Tell her what made you fall for her in the first place, even if you've already told her a million times.
  5. Call her at work and say you really wanted to hear her voice.
  6. Send her a steamy text message about what you want to do to her tonight.
  7. While she's cooking dinner or putting on make-up, sweep back her hair gently and whisper how beautiful she is into her ear.
  8. Tell her how much you like to hold her at night.
  9. Draw a heart on a sticky note and leave it on the bathroom mirror.
  10. Instead of the quick peck when you leave, give her a long smoldering kiss.

A Little Something

Women are a lot easier to please than most men realize. No need to take long vacations or go to dinner at fancy places. All it takes is just a little something every now and then to keep them really happy with the man they are with. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Let her pick a sappy movie at the rental store and watch it with her without complaint.
  2. Pick a chore that she really hates and do it for her.
  3. Let her have the remote all night.
  4. Take her to her favorite sporting event, even if it's figure skating.
  5. If she nags you about leaving clothes on the floor pick them up!
  6. Send the kids to your mom's and lay in bed all day with your lady watching movies you both like…and doing other things.
  7. If she looks stressed, just go over to her and hold her for a few seconds.
  8. If you can pick her up, do it every now and then. (It makes her feel skinny.)
  9. If she hates a part on her body, tell her how much you like it.

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